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Since everyone wants a Cenozoic addon that has many animals, now available for download! The are many creatures now in this addon new remodels and all. You can build a prehistoric zoo or park with this addon and others.

Creator: Raptorman67

Cenozoic Craft Addon Features:

Wooly Mammoth

These creatures are tamable with cake and can be found in snowy biomes. They also come in two colors: White and Brownish coat. They are very dangerous, so make sure not to attack them!


The Smilodon, one of the saber tooth beasts, they are found in grasslands in savanna biome. They’re hostile if you go near them!


Keleken, a prehistoric terror bird. These creatures will spawn on the savanna biome, and be hostile if you attack them. They’re also tameable with beef and you can ride them just like horses if you tame them.

You can control them as same as riding a horse, and they mainly attack pigs but in near future updates they will attack horses. Sometimes, they will attack saber tooth cats. This mob is very tall and has very powerful claws.


Purusaurus is the largest alligator, one of the largest gators walk in the planet, and will chase you if you come near it. This mob rivals the titanoboa. They spawn in jungles but very rare. Be careful!


New version of Titanoboa is has 2 gens. Titanoboa is just a giant snake can be found in jungle biomes.


Sivatherium is a large creature with its massive legs, and could trample down player with a single blow. It’s very dangerous but you can tame it like a horse.



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