Loot Bags Add-ons for Minecraft [Compatibility Update]

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What can you do with this Addon? Well, this addon added 5 tiers of loot bags that can be dropped from mobs and found in the structure. That's awesome, these bags will drop a bunch of useful items for you. It will help you a lot when you play in survival mode or skyblock

Cre: Vatonage, Youtube, Twitter

5 tiers of loot bags

  • Common – Leather Gear
  • Uncommon – Gold Gear
  • Rare – Chain Gear
  • Epic – Iron Gear
  • Legendary – Diamond Gear
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There are some items drop from bags such as: drop swords, armor, bows, fishing rods, ores, mob drops, etc. that will help you a lot in normal survival mode or Skyblock

The items are dropped depends on the tier of the bag. You can combine 4 of a lower quality loot bag to turn it into a higher tier and then, you can get cool things from them

How to get loot bags?

To get the bags, you can use the command below:

/give @s bags:common_bag
/give @s bags:uncommon_bag
/give @s bags:rare_bag
/give @s bags:epic_bag
/give @s bags:legendary_bag

Hope you like this addon and use it a lot in Minecraft game =))


– Updated loot tables
– Bug fixed


loot bags

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