Mob Statues Addon for Minecraft Pe (1.14+)

The player can use 53 statues in Mob Statues Addon as decorations for your world. Special use them for entrances, rooftops, rooms, and any place that you want them to be.

Cre: CodanRaigenXXI, Twitter, Youtube

How does Mob Statues Addon work?

Let’s explore:

Choose your favorite statues and place them wherever you want.

  • To rotate them, you need to use a Chisel
  • To remove them, you have to use a Pickaxe

Click here for crafting recipes!


This is a Chisel that used to rotate the statues in this addon by 45 degrees. Using these tools will wear them down

To place them:

  • Use the “Item ground (Mob statues)
  • Interact with any item from the add-on to display them


Mob Statues Addon includes 53 statues for decorative purposes. So there are not craftable in survival mode

They use the shulker’s behavior which makes them teleport if they don’t have a block that supports them, so make sure to place them somewhere convenient.

Rotate them by 45 degrees, this will wear down the chisel

To remove statues: use a pickaxe and crouch/sneak while interacting with it to do so

Minecraft Gun Mod

More materials

There are 2 new materials that added for Mob Statues Addon

Note from Creator:

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– Added new Materials
+ Iron & Gold
– Added texture-specific spawn eggs for statues
– Crafting recipes: You can craft the statues in survival by using a material block in a stone cutter


Mob Statues Addon

or here

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Minecraft Gun Mod

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