Damage Indicator v3 Addon for Minecraft Pe [Update]

Damage indicator v3.1.1 addon is a big update which makes your Minecraft experience more of an RPG game. You will see the damage of enemies when you dealt with them.

Cre: Coptaine, Youtube, Twitter

Feature Damage Indicator Addon

  • Shows the damage dealt with the enemy and heal amount
  • Monitors HP precisely
  • Vanishes when invisible
  • Maximum render distance of 20 blocks
  • Mojangles Font
  • 3 options are available: Health Bar, Heart Icon and Combineation of the 2
  • Resource pack only

Download and choose options

Health Bar

  • Green: 50 – 100% HP
    Yellow: 25 – 49% HP
    Red: 1 – 24% HP

Heart + Health Bar

  • Can read 999 HP

Optional Minecraft Font: Minecraft Dungeons Font

Bossbar (bonus) 

Note: There are 3 options available now in Damage Indicator to choose from

Damage Indicator

Damage Indicator v2?

Improved indicators

There are have some limit to the Damage Indicator addon:

Damage indicator V2 monitors the health of an entity, not the actual damage itself. So if the damage dealt exceeds the entity’s remaining hp, the damage shown is the remaining hp and not the actual damage.

Maximum damage: 100. For the value exceeds, it will only show “100+”

This addon is made using the new molang query function on 1.16, so it won’t work on older versions

2 options available 

  • Health Bar
  • Heart Icon

Minecraft Furniture Mod

Optional Minecraft Font

You can download Minecraft font if you want to change the font of the damage indicator.

Just install it and put it on top

For Addon creators and Map makers:

If you want to implement this to any custom mobs, follow the instructions below:

  • Entity.json (resource) 
  • Geometry.json (locators is the only thing you need to edit here)

For example: modified one of addons called The variants

You can also download the template below (inside the font folder) to help you understand.


There are issues for some mobs in the Damage Indicator addon: Horse Family, Slime, Squid are not working. Tropical fish is not disabled

Maybe hard coded that makes me can’t do anything about it.

Note from creator

  • The Heart Icon only monitors up to 100 HP. So, it is recommended to use the Health Bar when you are applying it to mobs with HP more than 100.
  • If you want to retain the functionality of scoreboard:belowname, just tell me so I will make a patch for it. 


– Fixed: damage indicator not showing


Damage Indicator

Damage Indicator Only
Health Indicator Only
Damage and Health Indicator
Minecraft Dungeons Font
or here (gg drive)

You can also download Damage Indicator V2 at this link

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Minecraft Furniture Mod

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