Fancy Furniture AddOns (TVs, Milkshake Makers, Washing Machines)

Fancy Furniture is a genius-level in fact!! Everyone can download this addon to decorate the Minecraft world, make it more lively!! There is no judgment here!

Cre: mno, Twitter, Youtube

We have a new Salesman, Sven who travels around birch forests with a moose. They will sell all the Fancy Furniture that you want in the latest version.

Fancy Furniture includes:

Old-style Jukebox

Built a tavern and need a real jukebox? Some great country tracks by The Caffeine Creek Band and JuliusH for you

Outdoor speakers

It’s loaded with awesome tunes from Patrick de Arteaga; see

How to make the speakers and jukebox play music?

  • First, you need to Tame them with Redstone
  • Then interact with them once to start the music and again to stop the music.
  • There are around 15 minutes of music for your listening pleasure on both devices.
  • If you want to move them, just chop ’em up and they will drop a spawn egg.

Minecraft Gun Mod

Bar stools

Outdoor chair

Sun lounges


Pedestal fans

It will make your house become nicer and cooler


Other Fancy Furniture

Reclining lounge chairs, Lamps, Office chairs, Coffee tables

Much more to come in the next update …..

Note from creator:

To the YouTubers out there, if you do a review/showcase Fancy Furniture, thank you! Please link back to *this page* on mcpedl. Cheers!


– Added the old-style Jukebox, you can play country music around 15 -16 minutes, thanks to the Caffeine Creek Band and JuliusH
– Added tents and sun lounges


Fancy Furniture

Fancy Furniture Addon V6

Fancy Furniture Addon V3 (support creator) Or here (Drive)

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Minecraft Gun Mod

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[…] Fancy Furniture AddOns (Old style Jukebox) […]


[…] Fancy Furniture AddOns (Old style Jukebox) […]

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