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What are you looking forward to in Bedwars? This map got everything you need! Lighthouse Bedwars world has a hub, 8 island, a center island, decoration, and lo cations to place your bed.

The only thing you need to add is the commands! Imagine when playing with your friends and only you being the one to own it! It’s good!

Creator: InsomniaGamesMCPE

The building is already done for you. Unless you want to change something, the building is scratched off the list for your to-dos. All you need to do now is the coding. If you can’t code, then the next best thing would be to use Redstone. Remember, this game doesn’t actually need commands to work. The game revolves around the beds, and as long as the player sets their spawn point there, all you need to do is give everyone a chest, and scatter materials around the map. It’s that easy!

An example of this would be to give everyone a wooden pickaxe leather armor. They can break the blocks on their island to build out and mine the ores to craft stronger armor, while also protecting their spawn point. If their bed gets destroyed, they’ll have to return to spawn. When the game is over, just re-download the world and play again!


  • Make sure to place a bed on everyone’s island
  • Give everyone some basic tools to start out
  • Place important ores and materials at mid
  • Make sure to copy the finished product before starting a match
  • Load the copy world spawn is at the hub


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[…] Lighthouse Bedwars World […]

1 year ago

bru i hate it ur literally forcing me to do the work u should’ve been doing plus u dont craft ur armor and tools u get it from trading a villager or mob at ur base plus even if i did put the materials in the middle then what u want me to keep going to creative to put more there when it runs out

1 year ago

can u please change this because me and my friends want to play bedwars but we cant because were the one that have to do the work for now ill have to give u a thumbs up and a 1 star if u make this like real bed wars ill give u 100/5 stars just look up how to make bedwars on minecraft education edition or how to code bedwars in minecraft education edition

1 year ago

on youtube

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