Merging Items Mod for MCPE

Using Merging Items Mod, you can merge items and make better ones! This addon added 11 items which extremely useful for you in the Minecraft game (10 items can craftable and one is not)

Cre: JediGamerPlayz, Youtube

Merging Items Mod


  • Raw Diamond Pickaxe Beef

It will give you Haste CCLV (255) when you eating it (enough to mine Ancient Debris in 0 seconds). You can craft with Raw Beef and Diamond Pickaxes

  • Bottle ‘o’ Explosive

Place Bottles Of Enchanting + TNT into a Crafting Table, you will receive this. It has no cooldown and you can use this to defend your base! It deals 2 hearts of damage when it explodes


  • Redstone TNT

It is uncraftable because it’s so OP. If you light it, it will explode because of the Redstone Block. It deals 5-13 hearts of damage depending on where you stand

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Merging Items Mod Version  1.0.1

Sharp Shield:

  • Attack Damage: 50, that is enough to kill a Ravager in one single shot!
  • Has an enchanted glint on it
  • Crafted using an Iron Sword & a Shield

Fishing Spear

  • Attack Damage: 10
  • If you are low on hunger, it will give you Raw Cod (if you hold the screen)
  • Give you Night vision and Conduit Power to help with fishing
  • Craft: Iron Sword and a Fishing Rod


  • You can eat
  • Gives you Slowness V and zooms in on the environment
  • It is another item with an enchanted glint on it.
  • Craft: Carved Pumpkin and an Iron Helmet

TNT Arrow – Merging Items Mod

  • Similar to the Bottle ‘o’ Explosive but more powerful. Without full Iron Armor or anything better than that, you will blow yourself up!
  • Craft: TNT and an Arrow

Merging Items Mod Version 1.0.2

Blindness Arrow

  • Gives Blindness II to any mob it hits
  • Can use in a high-security prison
  • Craft: Ink Sac and an Arrow
  • Use it on the Ender Dragon will make him goes crazy

Mining Helmet

  • Gives you Night Vision II when you hold it so you can mine diamonds easier.
  • Has the ability to burn Grass and turn it into a Path Block!
  • Craft: a Torch and a Chain Helmet

Iron Gate

  • When you step on it or destroy it, you die.
  • Craft: an Iron Door and Iron Bars

Merged Armour – Merging Items Mod

  • It is green in the hotbar
  • When you wear it, it’s Gold and Diamond Armour
  • If you wear the full set and moves it, it overloads the Armor Bar
  • Craft: merging Gold and Diamond Armor together.
Merging Items Mod

Merging Items Mod Version 1.0.3

Night Pickaxe

  • Has 5% chance to give you Night Vision and a 0.5% chance to give you Haste (0.01% chance of both)
  • Craft: an Iron Pickaxe and a Torch

Squid Launcher

  • This is 3d item when you hold it and it launches Squids out
  • Make sure to launch them in the water though or they will die
  • Craft: an Ink Sac and a Crossbow

Glowstone Arrow

  • Gives Night Vision II to anything it hits
  • It is gold and it has some soul fire on it as well.
  • Craft: Glowstone Dust and an Arrow


Netherized Table

  • Have exclusive crafting recipes!
  • Craft: Netherized items and they are so OP.
  • You’ll need to kill a Wither to craft it as it requires a Crafting Table and a Nether Star

Netherized Pearl

  • This Ender Pearl can stack up to 32, unlike regular pearls.
  • 10 times faster than normal pearl!
  • Craft: an Ender Pearl and a Nether Star and it needs the Netherized Table to be crafted

Netherized Sword/Chestplate

  • 2 very OP tools
  • Attack Damage: 500
  • Can kill an Ender Dragon in 2 shots and the Chestplate overloads the Armour Bar.
  • Craft: a Netherite Chestplate or Sword and a Nether Star and it need the Netherized Table to be crafted.

Merging Items Mod VERSION 1.0.4

Biomes: added a Merged Biome into the game, such as Basalt Deltas, Ice Spikes, and many more merged to make this incredible Biome!
Has lava as its main fluid. You can find this in your infinite world!


  • 4 new ingots and 1 new projectile!
  • Craft Ingots using a Nothing Ingot and either Coal, Emerald or Redstone. The Nothing Ingot is merged but it needs air to craft.
  • The Lifesteal is the projectile! When you throw it, it deals 9 attack damage to anything it hits. Craft a Lead and a Potion of Harming.

Blocks: A new block – Diamond Stairs!

  • These drop diamonds when you mine them and you don’t need Pickaxes to mine them.
  • These are also useful for Diamond Builds. This is merged by putting a Diamond and Stone Stairs into a Crafting Table
Merging Items Mod

Food – elppA.

The opposite effect of a normal food item as it gives you Hunger VI. The Hunger Bar goes down twice as fast as it normally does!
Craft: putting an Apple and a Dirt Block in a Crafting Table


– Added loads of new merged items for you to play around with!

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Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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Antony Lababidi
3 years ago

how do you even download it

Bonnie Robert Jeffers LLC


Justin Kai Guyos
Justin Kai Guyos
2 years ago

how do you load it into your Minecraft game?

boberson bobber
2 years ago

nothing but ingots you cant even use them to craft

2 years ago

how do u get the sword? what do u do with the nethized crafting table because i can’t open it like a normal crafting table?

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