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EBS Feature Rules was inspired by old Minecraft PE version, where there are more tall grasses, flowers and other vegetations. This addon will bring back the old grassy Minecraft worlds and adds even more features.

Creator: HERRIE

This addon increased the generation rate of tall grass, tree, flowers, cactus, dead bush, kelp and sea grass in each specific biomes.

Game display is much better with this add-on and a resource pack, the choice is yours.


  • Updated manifest and pack icon
  • Jungle, more flowers
  • Savanna, more flowers
  • Added Cold taiga, more tall grass
  • More roots in Warped forest, Crimson forest
  • More tall grass in extreme hills
  • Added mesa, more cactus
  • Added roofed forest, more tall grass


EBS Feature Rules (Google Drive)

To make your Minecraft world look more beautiful, you can use shaders below:

Minecraft Shaders

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