Jurassic World Resort Map [Fan Project]

Welcome to Jurassic World Resort that includes many attractions to explore such as Main street, Treehouses, Mosasaurus Stadium, Tyrannosaurus Kingdom, Maintenance Tunnels, and more. Especially you can use the monorail or teleportation hubs to quickly travel around the island

Cre: DSL3125, Youtube

Jurassic World Resort

Come to this creation map with many iconic locations from Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Camp Cretaceous. Besides that, a custom texture pack that made for this map. It’s really worth you to download and try to play


  • Jurassic World Resort map is a fan-made creation and is not associated with or endorsed by Universal Studios or any of its affiliates or properties
  • Please keep supporting the original IP holders and their content. Jurassic Park and Jurassic World are trademarks and copyrights of Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment, Inc.

Here is some captures of this Jurassic World Resort map:

Walk around the Jurassic World Lagoon:

Visit the Genetics Lab

Go Ziplining

Kayak down the underground River Adventure


And more

Here has a challenge for you: try to find the hidden shaving cream can somewhere on the island!

Note creator

  • Jurassic World Resort map doesn’t come with dinosaurs. But you can add many great dinosaur addons available on mcpeaddons or mcpedl
  • I used World Painter and MCC Toolchest to create the terrain of Isla Nublar, and port it over to Bedrock. Additionally, I used the World Fabricator Addon by GoggledGecko to edit the world in Minecraft Bedrock.
  • I created all of the structures myself, after being inspired by SmithyMC, Waremark, and the fan-made game Jurassic Explorer.
  • This map is not a 1:1 scale recreation of Jurassic World, as some features were adjusted to better fit Minecraft.
  • This map will continue to be updated. Leave any suggestions or feedback you have in the comments section below!


Jurassic World Resort

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