Instant Houses Function Pack MCPE

Instant Houses Function Pack is a feature addon that adds three houses and an outsized mansion. the homes are going to be generated by commands. All the homes are decorated indoors. This addon was created only by EndXenoc MCPE.

Cre: EndXenoc MCPE (Youtube)

Instant Houses Function Pack

Instant House mod for Minecraft Pe may be a function pack that generate houses with commands. 

Minecraft Furniture Mod

Instant Houses Function Pack adds 3 different houses with their decorations. The commands list is that the next:

/function Help: This command will offer you the list of the homes and therefore the location where they’re going to be generated.

/function House: This command generates a totally decorated medium-sized house indoors.

/function House1: This command generates alittle modern house with a pool and is decorated inside.

/function House2: This command generates an outsized modern house that’s decorated inside.

/function Mansion: This command generates an outsized mansion. the whole mansion is decorated inside, it also features a large garden. (It is suggested to use this command in flat areas).

/function Allbuilds: This command executes all the functions of this addon and generates it as if it were a city. (It is suggested to use this command in flat areas).

Some addons you can additional to mix with Instant Houses Function Pack in Mcpe Addons:

If you are doing a review of this addon please leave the link of this page.

Minecraft Furniture Mod

Be sure to make a backup of your world before using this addon because the structure might not be generated as you wanted.

The images of the homes are as follows:

/function House

/function House1

/function House2

/function Mansion

/function Allbuilds

mcpeaddons download

Download Instant Houses Fuction Pack (Support Creator)  

Download Instant Houses Fuction Pack (Drive)

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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2 years ago

Noice!! im Just added it to my Aternos Server!

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whats the server ip

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