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Searching for a stylish and contemporary furniture augmentation? You’re in the proper location!

Loled Furniture almost add you 200 new blocks, many of which are useful!

Cre: Loled, Youtube, Twitter

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Other Creators Who Helped Me

Rafinha Preys (Made the map and the commands)



Suspraize Molosfoko (Made the vehicles)



YouTuber addon partner



Mit Play


Loled Furniture Addon

This version is a reboot of the entire Loled Furniture!

More about the addon

Loled Furniture contains many amazing blocks you can decorate your home with.
Here is a small part of available blocks.

About Loled Furniture Addon

Living room
  • Curtain (And its color variations)
  • TV stand
  • TV (It is functional, uses the “Control” item to use the TV)
  • Couchs (And its color variations)
Loled Furniture Addon
  • Bathroom mirror
  • Shower
  • Bathroom sink
  • Toilet
  • Toilet paper
  • Bathtub
Loled Furniture Addon
  • Dining table (Has connection system)
  • Bar stool (can you sit)
  • Chairs (And its color variations, can you sit)
  • Kitchen cabinet (It is functional)
  • Microwave (It is functional)
  • Coffee machine (It is functional)
  • Kitchen cooktop (It is functional)
  • Kitchen dish (It is functional)
  • Fridge (It is functional)
  • Pan
  • Kitchen sink
  • Kitchen stand
  • Stove (It is functional)
  • Kitchen trash can (It is functional)
Loled Furniture Addon
  • Monitor (It is functional)
  • JBL (It is functional)
  • Arcade (It is functional)
  • CPU gamer
  • Gaming chair (can you sit)
  • PS5 (There is interaction)
  • PS2
  • Xbox Series X
  • Xbox Classic
  • Notebook
  • Phone support (There is interaction, use “LOLPhone” to interact with this block)
Loled Furniture Addon

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And many other blocks… (Many with functionality)

Minecraft Shaders


Loled Furniture also adds items and skins.


This is an important item because it will be able to exchange with NPCs and get the blocks in the Minecraft Stonecutter

Loled Furniture Addon
Some Items
  • Guitar (It is functional)
  • Rollerblades (It is functional)
  • Popcorn
  • Coffe
  • Control
  • Cup
  • Water cup
  • LOLPhone (Is 3d)
  • Headset (Hat)
  • Tool (Use on collision block to fake parts of blocks)
  • Soda
Some Screenshots:


Water cupLOLPhone (Is 3d)Headset (Hat
Tool (Use on collision block
to fake parts of blocks)
SodaHat (Hat)
Ntek Rex (Skin)Loboxy (Skin)Marshmello head (Skin)
Marshmello body (Skin)


They exchange dollars for addon blocks

  • NPC: Loled – Ntek – Athos – Loboxy – Rafael RMendes –  MIT Play

Loled Furniture MAP

You can download the map below to improve the addon experience

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Loled Furniture Addon

📥Loled Furniture S3 – Part 2
📥MAP Download
📥or here (gg drive)

Note from Creator:

The size of “39MB” does NOT affect performance, this size is due to the addon songs!

Other Creators

Rafael RMendes Twitter, Youtube
Suspraize Molosfoko Twitter ,Youtube

Youtubers Partner

Athos, Youtube
MIT Play, Youtube


In this version, several systems and blocks were redone so that the addon works again in the new versions of Minecraft.

  • Corrections
  • Performance:
  • Improved performance on mobile devices and PC

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Minecraft Shaders

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