Loled Furniture Addon Season 2 | Functional Furniture

Loled Furniture Addon adds more than 100+ custom blocks to your Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Some cool things such as refrigerator, chair, tables, sofas, and others.

Cre: Loled, Youtube, Twitter

Loled Furniture Addon

Your Minecraft world will become more fun and interesting with the collection of furniture. Amazing new decorative over 100 blocks and new functions are added in this addon. Improving some modeling, textures and adding several items to decorate the beach! Let’s start to decorate your home!

About Loled Furniture Addon

Living room

  • Armchair & Curtain & Sofa: these things include its color variant
  • TV stand & TV (can use control item to use the TV)


  • Bathroom mirror – sink
  • Shower
  • Toilet & Toilet paper
  • Bathtub


  • Dining table: it has connection system
  • Bar stool: you can sit on it
  • Chairs: has its color variations and you also can sit on it
  • Kitchen cabinet – Coffee machine – Microwave – Kitchen cooktop – Kitchen dish – Fridge – Stove: each one has its functional
  • Pan
  • Kitchen sink, stand, trash can


  • Monitor – JBL – Arcade: have functional
  • CPU gamer & Gaming chair that you can sit
  • PS5: there is interaction
  • PS2
  • Notebook
  • Xbox Series X & Xbox Classic
  • Phone support: can interact, use “LOLPhone” to interact with it

ITEMS – Loled Furniture Addon


This is an important item because it will be able to exchange with NPCs and get the blocks in the stonecutter

Water cupLOLPhone (Is 3d)Headset (Hat
Tool (Use on collision block
to fake parts of blocks)
SodaHat (Hat)
Ntek Rex (Skin)Loboxy (Skin)Marshmello head (Skin)
Marshmello body (Skin)


They exchange dollars for addon blocks

  • NPC: Loled – Ntek – Athos – Loboxy – Rafael RMendes –  MIT Play

Loled Furniture MAP

You can download the map below to improve the addon experience


Loled Furniture Addon

or here (gg drive)
MAP Download or here (gg drive)

Note from Creator:

The size of “39mb” does NOT affect performance, this size is due to the addon songs!

Other Creators

Rafael RMendes Twitter, Youtube
Suspraize Molosfoko Twitter ,Youtube

Youtubers Partner

Athos, Youtube
MIT Play, Youtube


Loled Furniture Addon
Added new blocks: Volleyball Net – Base volleyball Ne -Beach bucket – Beach shells – Thermal box – Beach towel – Car platform – Car toolbox – Poster 2 – Poster 3 – YouTube board 1M – YouTube board 100K – Modern door – Racket – Chess table – Trophy Nobrola – Trophy MIT Play
New items
+ Hammer
+ Key
+ MIT Play’s Emote
+ LoledBr’s Emote
+ Athos’s Emote
Skins: Athos (Skin) + MIT Play (Skin)
+ LFord Mustang
+ Floater
+ MIT Play

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