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HorrorCraft Add-on is the most popular on Mcpeaddons.com, it’s brings you some of the most popular horror movie antagonists! Explore your world with caution, and watch out for the night, then is when things get spooky. It also brings some new weapons and rare consumables. 

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HorrorCraft Add-on

HorrorCraft Add-on adds 15 mobs, including a boss (And it’s minions), a mini boss, and 2 NPCs, one of them will exchange your valuable items and weapons as well as rewarding you for the mob drops you trade with him.

Ash Williams

The new trader, from the “Evil Dead” movie it’s a new entity that will reward you for your killing effort. But, if you try to make him mad, he really will chase you to death.


By giving him an iron block, in exchange he will give you an Engine, a piece used for crafting the Chainsaw.

New trades: 

NEW NPC in HorrorCraft Add-on: 

Regan Macneil

After she was exorcised, Regan became a better person, now she will give you some things in exchange. (The only way to find her is by exorcising Regan) 


She is an important NPC, because she can trade with you holy water for a cheap price, as well as some goodies. Maybe there will be more trades for her in the way (I accept suggestions!) 


Jason’s machete: It deals 9 hearts of damage. Sometimes Jason Vorhees can drop it, or you can acquire it trading with Ash Williams.

Freddy’s glove: It deals a damage of 7 hearts. Sometimes Freddy Kreuger can drop it, or you can acquire it trading with Ash Williams. 

Knife: It deals a damage of 6 hearts. Sometimes Micheal Myers or Chucky can drop it. It is craftable with an iron and a stick. 

The Chainsaw: It deals a damage of 18 hearts, the most powerful weapon, but it also has a low durability. It has the special ability to break wood logs just by touching them (By touching them I mean literally passing nearby, they will break when walking through them. This behaviour was the invention of Dakonblackrose, go check his templates!). In order to obtain the chainsaw, you must get the two parts that Leatherface can drop (The saw and the chainsaw base). The engine, as seen before, is obtained by trading it with Ash Williams. 

Horrorcraft add-on Recipe

Saw: It deals a damage of 15 hearts, and has a really low durability, you better save them to craft a chainsaw. 

New weapon

Sam’s Candy: These sweet weapons will have a better duration than the other weapons, and have a damage of 8 hearts. The way to get it is by trading it will Ash, sometimes Sam can drop it. 



Sam (From “Trick or Treat”)

These little “kids” will walk around your world by night, making sure that you accomplish the Halloween rules, pushing those who ignore them with his bloody candy.

Amanda, or Jigsaw’s apprentice (from “Jigsaw”) 

She will seek for you during the nights, taking revenge in name of Jigsaw for his dead child, testing people’s will to stay alive

Hannibal Lecter (From “The silence of the lambs”): 

Known for his strange obsession with human flesh, Hannibal will search for human flesh during night, watch out, if you don’t want to be eaten.

Regan (from “The exorcist”)

Regan Macneil has been possessed, be careful, she might stay still sometimes, but it is a trap, if you are at her range, she will crawl fast at you and poison you. You can also try to exorcise her, by throwing her a potion of weakness and then giving her holy water, you must wait some time before she gets back to normal. 

Pennywise the clown (From “IT”):

It is a very creepy and weird clown, he just seems to be a nice guy, but he isn’t. He resists the knock back, moves really fast in water and has a creepy walking animation. Watch out for him, he spawns near rivers and in swamps, but not so frequently.

Samara (from “The Ring”):

Her damage is almost lethal, and also blinds you so it gets harder to kill her. She will spawn not too often, and spawns mainly in the Warped Forest biomes in the Nether. Don’t stare at her if you don’t want to get in trouble. Btw, her noises might be a little too high so, be careful when too close, just try and avoid her. 

Freddy Kreuger (from “Nightmare on Elm Street”): 

As soon as you are in range, he won’t stop attacking until you are dead. He also blinds you so you gotta be careful. He spawns only on Crimson Forest biomes, watch out for him. 

Jason Vorhees (from “Friday the 13th”):

Like it;s said, the poor Jason died drowned on the lake so, there’s where he will spawn more frequently. Be careful around swamps, rivers or lakes, Jason might try to get you, and when he gets you he will slow you down, so you don’t escape. 

Michael Myers (from “Halloween”):

Michael will rarely spawn in your world, and then he does, he won’t go until you finish with him.

Ghostface (from “Scream”):

He will spawn around your world, searching for you, his attacks will give you weakness to slow your attacks

Chucky (from “Child’s play”):

Chucky, as well as Ghostface will spawn around your world, and even in caves sometimes. He’s a really annoying little toy, don’t mess with Chuck!

Leatherface (from “The Texas chain massacre”):

This guy will spawn frequently and mainly in extreme hills and flower forests, of course welding his lethal chainsaw. Be really careful when being around this guy, he really hurts, and so he makes sure you don’t escape applying your slowness with each attack. And also you gotta stay alert, he does spawn during the day.


The Cenobites (from “Hellraiser”):

Pinhead, as the mail  leader, will summon minions to help him in battle. 

  • The first one: Chatterer: This Cenobite will give you weakness
  • The second one is Female Cenobite: will give you the Wither effect
  • Third one is Butterball: will slow you down for a moment. 

This boss has a health of 650 hearts, and he does a lot of damage, be really prepared to face them. The only way to summon him is by commands at the moment, in a very short time, his spawn egg will have a recipe, stay tuned!


Jigsaw (from “Jigsaw”): 

These little puppets will appear sometimes during night, it is a little rare, but once you find him, try to catch him fast! He will run away from you, as well as summoning some apprentices, get him! In death, he will drop you a puzzle piece, you can have the chance to get one, or none, but you will need 9 pieces to form the complete puzzle. Ash will reward you once you complete the puzzle!



There are currently 4 consumables, the cursed blood (Michael Myers and Regan have a chance to drop them), the Freddy’s ash (yeah, like you can imagine, Freddy Kreuger is the only one that drops it when killed), the new Ballon (yup, it is like a consumable, dropped by Pennywise) and Candies (Sam will drop them sometimes). Both have strong effects, but they do have a penitence for their usage. The balloon will just give you nausea for a few seconds, then, you will be able to float for a short moment, if you want to get to high places or just have a better view! And the candies will give you speed and restore 4 hunger bars, but, “always check your candies” there is a 40% chance to give you the Wither effect, it may be lethal. 



Cursed blood:

It will give you resistance and absorption for a moment, but it also has bad effects like nausea, wither and sometimes poison, though they don’t last long, but be careful, it can kill you while having low health. 

Freddy’s ash: 

This consumable gives you fire resistance 2 and night vision for a period of time, in exchange, a penalty of slowness will also be applied for a short time, as well as the wither effect. 

But well, you can either choose to consume them or trade them with Ash Williams to get some netherite ingots. 


This balloon will elevate for a short period of time, don’t worry, you won’t fall and die, it’s effects last until you can land safely.

Horrorcraft add-on items:

In addition, HorrorCraft Add-on has currently 7 items. The Mysterious box, the Engine, the Chainsaw base, the Paper boat (it is just a paper boat, but it seems to have value for Ash), Holy water, Puzzle piece, Complete puzzle, Hannibal’s mask and the Mysterious box, it has no functionality, but they have a chance to be obtained from chests in ruined portals, desert temples and jungle  temples (in a future update, due to a recipe, the Mysterious box will summon The Cenobites



Holy water

Complete Puzzle

DOWNLOADS HorrorCraft Add-on

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