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Herobrine Addon for Minecraft Pe

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Herobrine Addon is a creepy-paste fan-made character for Minecraft. It’s not real, just created for fun. His existence has long been rumored in community-made creepypasta. There are some truly believe he is a rare creature who sometimes will occur in-game, but there has no evidence to support that claim.

Cre: TheEnderface (Twitter), HeroPlayz_YT (Twitter), Jujustyle7 (Twitter)

How does Herobrine Addon work?

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To summon Herobrine, you have to build a specific structure and then you can start a boss battle. The structure includes:

  • 4 Soul Blocks, it replaces Iron Blocks
  • 1 Soul of Herobrine, it replaces Pimpkins

You can spawn Herobrine by using spawn eggs too. Iron Golem has been replaced by Herobrine boss

His skill: can teleport, shoot fire charges, spawn primed TNTs and summon wither skeleton minions. He’s extremely dangerous

How to kill Herobrine addon?

You only see him for a few moments after you spawned him. Then a meteor shower will appear before he disappears for a while.

If you survival past this time, he will appear again in a sudden way. I told you he is incredibly dangerous, so you need to call a wither skeleton to assist you before he haunts you

The only time you can harm him is when he starts to blink, so let use all your power to strike him.


– Old version
+ Added In-Game Documentation
+ Fix Pumpkin(Soul Of Herobrine) Texture
+ Now Herobrine can spawn naturally when thunderstorm rain
– New version
+ Herobrine has not replaced anything
+ Add Herobrine spawn egg
+ Removed souls blocks
(I still find a way to use that block again, because it replace iron golem structure so i can’t use it for other mob, maybe back in future)


Behavior .McPack or here (gg drive)
Resource .McPack or here (gg drive)

👉 If you like our Herobrine Addon, you can also check our HorrorCraft Add-on  created  ElBrayanOMG; CreepyPasta Add-on created by Z3R0TH3H3R0


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16 days ago

Hi! does this addon work for 1.19?

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