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Un-Craftable Add-on added new crafting recipes for almost items and blocks that you can not craft in Minecraft. For example Totem, Saddle, Horse Armors, Saplings, Obsidian, Grass Block Podzol, etc.

Cre: Vechrozilator, Twitter, Youtube

Un-Craftable Add-on

How about Unobtainable Block? Yes sure, with this addon you can craft unobtainable blocks such as Bedrock, Mob Spawner, End Portal Frame, Spawn Eggs, Chemistry Equipments, even command block and barrier.

That’s a great addon you can able to craft almost all the spawn eggs, creative blocks and brings back the recipe of Enchanted Apple!!

Note: a recipe with a filled bucket and glass bottle will bring it back to you.


Here you can see this is not a recipe shapeless. The recipe for obsidian is not supported to have multiple outputs with recipe shapeless

Chainmail Armour

Use Chain to craft, the pattern is the same as other armor


You can use Crimson Fungus or Warped Fungus or both to craft the Shroomlight

Trident Un-Craftable Add-on


Magma Block


Dead Bush

Any sapling can smelt in a furnace and turn into a dead bush

Ground Cover


Tall Grass


Large Fern

Nether Sprouts

Aquatic Plants

Here is how to craft seagrass and waterlily



Skulls and Heads

Steve Head – Zombie Head

Creeper Head – Skeleton Skull

Wither Skeleton Skull – Dragon Head

Spawn Eggs

Ground Cover Un-Craftable Add-on

Now almost all spawn eggs can craft, here has some examples.

  • If mobs have 2 loots, they will craft by those loots with this pattern
  • If they only single loots, they is crafted with this pattern
  • Or they can craft by combining spawn egg to another spawn egg.

Spawn Zombie Pigman = Spawn Zombie + Spawn Pig

Spawn Zombie Villager = Spawn Zombie + Spawn Villager

  • Some spawn egg combine into certain item

Spawn Cave Spider = Coal + Spawn Spider

Spawn Wither Skeleton = Wither Rose + Spawn Skeleton

Chemistry Tables

To obtain ChemistryEquipments or Chemistry Tables, you can get them via the creative inventory or by /give command.

Note: In the survival mode, you can see all the recipes of Items/Blocks in the recipe book, (except for the recipe of the blocks that don’t exist in the Creative Inventory.)

Lab Table

Element Constructor

Compound Creator

Material Reducer

Blocks by Command


Command Blocks

How can you get all recipes?

The recipes shown above are a few examples. You can see all Blocks/Items in your Recipe Book

  • Toggle off the button
  • Click on a specific item to reveal its recipe


– Ores can no longer craft with other types of stones
– Quartz ore recipe has been changed
Added Recipes:
– Wither Rose
– Big Dripleaf
– Small Dripleaf
– Azalea
– Flower Azalea
– Spore Blossom
– Spawn Axolotl
– Deepslate Ores
– Copper Ore
– Hanging Roots
– Rooted Dirt
– Moss Block


or here

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