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Dragon Addon! Everyone needs a pet dragon (or two), but you’ll need to be courageous and lucky to obtain one. I believe I was most fortunate. We have a variety of dragons, as well as a few special dragon troops and wizards.

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Dragon Addon Feature 

Noctis (night) Dragon…

The ice dragon…

The fire dragon (aka wyvern)….

And the originals…

Noctis (Night) Dragon

  • Step 1: Find a Night Scout. During the night, he can be seen traversing the Extreme Hills biomes. He is unaffected by anything (towards the player, not towards chickens or butterflies).
  • Step 2: Attack him, and he’ll retaliate by attacking you. He’ll call a horde of Night Soldiers, including the feared Executioner and his massive axe, if you defeat him.
  • Step 3: Once you’ve defeated the Executioner, he’ll drop a Noctis spawn egg, which you may use to produce one Noctis Dragon addon.
  • Step 4: Bring the dragon in and use cod to try to tame it.

The first step is to locate a Night Scout. He can be found strolling about the Extreme Hills. When you fly your dragon around, you will gain temporary night vision.

You might locate their supply barrel full of goodies if you search around where the night troops spawned in.

You don’t want to get into an argument with this gentleman.

Wyvern (the fire breathing dragon)

I’m afraid it’s not easy to find. You’ll need to find a Swamp Hills biome (https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Swamp#Swamp Hills) and then, just like the cute Velox dragons, wait for sunrise / sunset; it has to be just right, not too dark, not too bright. Tropical fish can be used to tame them. They aren’t allowed to wear armor, but they can throw a mean fireball or ten. If a mob approaches too close for a fireball, they’ll unleash a melee attack, teaching that mob the value of social separation.

These men should be healed with tropical fish, cod, or salmon.

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

Ferox (Ferocious) Dragons Addon

The spawn egg is the easiest to obtain, but you must slay a Dragon Wizard to obtain it. You’ll also have to battle the Dragon Wizard’s merry troop of Dragon Hunters before you get to the Dragon Wizard.

The first step is to locate a Dragon Scout. During the day, he can be found traversing the Plains biomes. He is unaffected by anything (towards the player, not towards chickens or butterflies).

Step 2: Give him a tap if you’re ready for a battle, and he’ll get hostile towards you. If you defeat him, he’ll blow his horn, revealing (or creating) the adjacent band of Dragon addon Hunters. These hunters will assault you right away, and they aren’t simple to beat.

Defeat the Dragon addon Wizard in the third step. A Ferox Dragon spawn egg will be dropped by him.

Step 4: Bring the dragon in and use cod to try to tame it.

(Fast) Velox Dragon addon

Much more difficult to come by, but much cuter. Find a Snowy Taiga Mountains biome (https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Snowy Taiga#Snowy Taiga Mountains) and wait until sunrise or sunset (they don’t spawn at night or during the day). The black ones can’t be tamed. If you come across one that isn’t black, you can try to tame it with tropical fish (aka clown fish). You might also be fortunate enough to come across an Ice Dragon, which can be identified by the blue patterns on its bodies. These guys will freeze water if they fly low enough over it.

Thank you, Sir, for your excellent review by PrinceMJ!

Equipping your Dragon

You must interact while holding the item you want to equip to equip your dragon with a saddle and netherite dragon armor (either produced or dropped by the Dragon Armorer). Holding the saddle and right-clicking your dragon addon on a PC accomplishes this. Hold the saddle and long-press your dragon on a mobile device.

You must engage with the dragon while carrying a blazing rod to remove the item.

Dragon armor

The most straightforward way to get this is to beat a Dragon Armorer. This armor can also be made with four netherite ingots in a 2×2 layout.

Flying your Dragon

You must first add a saddle, then interact as if you were riding a horse, before looking up and jumping. Once you’re in the air, all you have to do is glance up to soar higher and down to fly lower. Easy!

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A number of minor changes to increase the difficulty (slightly). Fixed some bugs including the armor-stacking issue so the armor would be fully compatible with other MNO dragon packs. 

Dragon addon

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Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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