Survival Planes Addon (MILITARY UPDATE)

Come to explore Survival Planes Addon which is the first addon that allows you to craft, improve and repair planes!! They include the fly amination, pilot suit, and even you can interact with fighter airplanes, ammo, bombs, structures, …

Cre: EGGSLAYER, Youtube, Twitter

There are 4 sections in Survival Planes Addon, each one has new military features.

1. Survival Planes Creations

Aviation Crafting Table

The most important block which helps you craft such as the part of the basic airplane, the pilot suit, and equipment (fuel, propellant key, and the repair kit).


Pilot suit

Including Helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots, this suit has the same protection as iron armor, but reduces half resistance. Besides, the pilot helmet can use for night vision during 25 and the pilot chestplate gives slow falling for 6 seconds every time you wear it from the main bar, it works like a parachute.


  • Fuel: it useful to control airplanes, its drinkable but has strange side effects
  • Propellant key: x2 speed propulsion during a couple of seconds (15 uses)
  • Repair kit: 30 health and can usse one time
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


  • Propeller
  • Connected Propellers
  • Wing
  • Tail
  • Engine
  • Wheel
  • Undercarriage
  • Seat
  • Airplane Cockpit


Wood Biplane – Gold Biplane – Lapis Biplane

  • Wood Biplane: Speed:0.14 Seat:1 Inventory:6 Health:20
  • Gold Biplane: Speed:0.16 Seat:1 Inventory:8 Health:25
  • Lapis Biplane: Speed:0.18 Seat:1 Inventory:12 Health:30

Redstone BiplaneIron BiplaneCopper Biplane

  • Redstone Biplane: Speed:0.20 Seat:1 Inventory:10 Health:35
  • Iron Biplane: Speed:0.22 Seat:1 Inventory:14 Health:40
  • Copper Biplane: Speed:0.24 Seat:1 Inventory:16 Health:45

Diamond AirplaneEmerald AirplaneNetherite Airplane

Diamond Airplane: Speed:0.30 Seat:1 Inventory:18 Health:50
Emerald Airplane: Speed:0.35 Seat:1 Inventory:25 Health:55

Netherite Airplane:

  • Speed:0.40
  • Seat:1
  • Inventory:20
  • Health:60.
  • Resistence to fire, lava and projectiles.

Iron Airliner – Survival Planes

Speed:0.26 – Seat:10 – Inventory:15 – Health:45

mcpeaddons download

Download Survival Planes Military Update

2. Survival Planes Improvements

Aviation Smithing Table

This block is used to craft each part to improve airplanes


Float – Floats – Extense


Extended Airplane: it includes Wood, Gold, Lapis, Redstone, Copper, Iron, Diamond, Emerald, Netherite. These ones added an extra seat for players, villagers, monsters such as Witch, Pillager, Zombie, Skeleton, and some animal (wolf, cat, ocelot, rabbit, chicken, and pig)

Follow two ways below to dismount a mob:

  • First way: you can get very close to the entity to kill it
  • Second way: you can destroy airplane instead of kill it

Amphibious Airplane allow the airplane to land on the water, the variant of it same as Extended Airplane

Amphibious Extended Airplane in survival planes addon has 2 previous improvements: 2 seats and land on the water.


Aviation Anvil: can use to repair all airplanes above

New military features

Aviation Armament Table in Survival Planes Addon can use to craft fighter airplanes, ammo and bomb!!

Equipment Survival Planes Addon

7MM Bullet: used for dealing damage to players, planes and mobs, it has 5 damage. The blocks nearby are hit by these bullets will break apart and kick up dust particles. When you craft it, you will get 6 bullets.

Incendiary 7MM Bullet: same as 7MM bullet but this one has 7 damage, break blocks nearby if they are hit and cause a fire. Give you 6 bullets when crafting it. If you want to fire the bullets, just right-click (only the pilot can fire the ammo).

Survival Planes

TSAR Bomb: a powerful bomb (radius: 20 explosion blocks). it doesn’t cause a fire.

Survival Planes

Napalm Bomb: radius of 10 explosion blocks, cause a fire

Survival Planes

To drop the bombs: touch the key or button assigned to throw objects.
Important: when the plane has a person, don’t drop the bombs off it, if not they will explore.

Survival Planes

If you want to remove Napalm or TSAR, there is only one way is to surround it with water and activate it with Flint and Steel

Survival Planes

List of basic and improved airplanes in Survival Planes Addon

AirplanesBullets or Bombs
Wood Biplanes – Gold Biplanes
Lapis Biplanes – Redstone Biplanes
Standard Ammo, Standard TNT
Copper Biplanes – Iron BiplanesStandard Ammo, Standard TNT – Napalm Bomb
Diamond Airplanes – Emerald Airplanes
– Netherite Airplanes
Incendiary Ammo, Standard TNT-Napalm Bomb-Tsar Bomb.
Iron AirlinerCannot shoot or drop bombs

3. Airplanes

Fokker EIII

Speed:0.16 – Seat:1 – Inventory:8 – Health:25. – Standard Ammo, TNT-Napalm Bomb-Tsar Bomb

Sopwith Camel

Speed:0.24 – Seat:1 – Inventory:16 – Health:45. -Standard Ammo, TNT-Napalm Bomb-Tsar Bomb.

Mitsubishi A6M Zero

 Speed:0.38 – Seat:1 – Inventory:24 – Health:55. -Standard Ammo, TNT-Napalm Bomb-Tsar Bomb.

Supermarine Spitfire

Speed:0.40 Seat:1 Inventory:26 Health:60. -Standard Ammo, TNT-Napalm Bomb-Tsar Bomb.

B-25 Mitchell

Speed:0.30 – Seat:4 – Inventory:27 – Health:50. -Incendiary Ammo, TNT-Napalm Bomb-Tsar Bomb

4 NEW STRUCTURES – Survival Planes

There are 3 abandoned hangars and 2 military camps, they will appear in different biomes but with a low probability.

How control airplanes

Fuel: Right-click outside the airplane to fuel it, it’s infinite until the airplanes are destroyed (only used one time). The airplanes can be stolen by a mod (not monster mobs), but don’t worry you can dismount them.
Fly: Move forward and look upward to fly and look downward to go down.

Survival Planes

Propellant Key: right-click the item on your hand inside the airplane to propel.
Repair Kit: right-click outside the airplane to repair
Destroyed: The airplane will drop its airplane remains if it’s destroyed, useful to crafting Basic Airplanes (Gold, Lapis, Redstone, Copper, Iron, Diamond, Emerald, Netherite) and their improvements. Improved airplane remains are combinable with each other.

Survival Planes

Note from Creator:

  • Activate Experimental Mode when playing Survival Planes Addon
  • Using command to get items, blocks, or other things: /give @s tc:…
  • You can make a review Survival Planes Addon but please credit creator and use original link. Thank you
  • You are not allowed to copy or modify the code

👉 Check out more cool Addons in, hope you have a fun time with it!


Survival Planes Addon
– Update
+ Download link
+ Airplanes inventory, and health.
– Bugs fixed
– Planes animations on the ground, Planes inventory, Some recipes
– Passenger can look up without the plane elevated.
+ Implementation of the parachute in the chest plate. (Effect slow falling during 6 seconds).
+ Night vision time with pilot helmet increased to 25 seconds. 


mcpeaddons download

Download Survival Planes Military Update

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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