SERP Pokémon Addon | Creepy & Trade Update

Are you ready to join the world of Pokémon in Minecraft? This addon will bring to you a bunch of cute pokemon with the name is SERP Pokémon. They don’t have a combat system, but they have a breeding system, mounts, and real evolutions without the need to turn on the Experimental game mode

Cre: Zacek el Serpentín, Youtube

SERP Pokémon addon works both in beta and official version of Minecraft Bedrock on any platform

Following the national pokédex, Pokémon will be added little by little. It will not have a combat system, or levels, or structures such as Pokémon centers or gyms

SERP Pokémon Addon

This addon has the complete evolutionary lines of bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle caterpie, weedle, pidgey, rattata, spearow, ekans and Pikachu, all Pokémon spawn automatically.


This is a cute and docile Pokémon, but you should be careful if you disturbed them, they will fight back


They prefer hot climates, so you can find them in the mountains and near lava lagoonss

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


They are a great swimmer, you can find them in rivers and beaches, sometimes they visit the nearby villages

Caterpie SERP Pokémon Addon

They are very weak, but with patience and good training, they can be the strongest companions


SERP Pokédrock 1


This is a poisonous insect which doesn’t have to be careful as much as their adult versions


Guess it’s a plane or just a superhero? Oh no, they’re just a pidgey. They may look harmless but when trained, they can be a deadly weapon


They may be a pest which can also be an ideal pet and your battle companion. They’re cleaned and fed


When you see a wild spearow in your world, you better run! But if you take a Pikachu with you, the spearow won’t hurt you


The pure poison will appear when disturbed. You will find them in inhabit swamps and wide-open grasslands


A nice Pokémon in SERP Pokémon Addon but don’t let their appearance deceive you, they are very temperamental and dangerous Pokémon


This is a friendly Pokémon that live in the desert, you will find them along with their evolutions: the Sandslash, which are very overprotective

Now team rocket is here!! These bad guys will appear on the map looking to buy your slowpoke tails and shellder shells

  • Do not attack them
  • They will defend themselves by taking out a hostile Pokémon to attack you too


SERP Pokémon Addon (B) .McPack
SERP Pokémon Addon (R). McPack
or here

Berry Trees – SERP Pokémon Addon

This tree can drop 4 different types of berry which help you make different types of potions and rare candy

Some berry tree now can give you their seeds after breaking them. You have to wait a few minutes until the plant is mature (through 4 stages)

Use can speed up the process ussing mulch

Mulch recipe


The evolutionary mineral will appear in all caves. You will get four different types of evolutionary stones which include the moonstone, firestone, water stone, and thunderstone when breaking it

The PC

This is an item that helps you to buy and sell the objects you find in your adventure, there is something the can’t be found anywhere else

How to get PC?

You must follow the recipe below:

Then you break and get the PC inside the package

Craft two new items

The pokemon center healing machine

you only need to interact with it using your trainer card, which only costs one coin in the PC store!


Storage pc

You can use your trainer cards to take over the storage PCs! once owned only you will be able to see what it contains inside


mcpeaddons download

SERP Pokémon 1

Pokéballs – SERP Pokémon Addon

They are essential to catch Pokemon, but you must know which one to use in each situation!!

  • Pokéballs will only work in the initial phases of the Pokemon
  • Superballs will work for the intermediate phases
  • Ultraballs are for the final phases of each Pokemon
  • Masterball works only for the legendary Pokémon (added soon)
  • Luxury ball will serve to make the Pokémon become your items and you can carry them in your pocket!

5 different types of apricorns

Use the apricorns to make the base and caps of the pokéballs!

Combine the bases, caps, and a stone button in their corresponding order to make the pokéballs!

How to catch Pokémon

You have caught a Pokémon when the star particles jump. Then it will follow you everywhere and defend you from your attackers

To store your Pokémon, you have to interact with it by using the corresponding Pokeball

To ride the Pokemon, you need the Poke ride which costs 128 poke dollars in the PC store

All Pokémon in SERP Pokémon Addon now can sit down!!

When Pokemon is caught, they automatically evolve over a few hours. Besides that, you can speed up the process with rare candies

If you type: “/function serp” in the text box, it will give you all the available items

Supported languages

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Español

Note from creator

  • You are not allowed to redistribution this addon
  • If you will make a review please give credits

All the entities and objects of this addon are based on the characters from the video game series: Pokémon


Generation machines
Anime cries
SERP Pokémon Behavior Pack
SERP Pokémon Resource Pack
or here (gg drive)


SERP Pokémon Addon:
– Added:
+ Gastly’s evolutionary line 
+ Mega Gengar 
+ The Trade machine, the Trade system
– Improved: several particles, compatibility with other addons
– Fixed:
+ A bug with Professors 
+ A bug with pidgeotto that could mega be fixed evolve

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