Genoa Ae+ AddOn for MCPE

Genoa Ae+ is an addon that simply adds some mods and a few features of the genoa resource pack from Minecraft Earth. Addon also contains features required to play the Ae+: Monastery-Map and the Ae+: SubRestaurants-Map. 

Genoa Ae+ will add animals to your Minecraft world, which can spawn in other biomes, but it doesn’t change anything about vanilla entities. This addon support from Minecraft 1.16.200 and later. 

Cre: RZ302

Genoa Ae+ AddOn

Here are all the mods from Minecraft Earth

Genoa Ae+ will have cows 

Wooly Cow, Umbra Cow, Dairy Cow, Sunset Cow, Albino Cow, Pinto Cow, Cream Cow, Cookie Cow, Ashen Cow, Moobloom, Moolip

Sheep in this addon:

Rocky Sheep, Flecked Sheep,  Long Nosed Sheep, Rainbow Sheep, Patched Sheep, Inky Sheep, Fuzzy Sheep, Horned Sheep

This is some types of pigs: 

Motteled Pig, Piebald Pig, Pale Pig, Spottet Pig, Pink Footed Pig, Sooty Pig, Muddy Pig (will chnge texture if in water or mud)

Chicken is also very diverse, such as:

Skewbald Chicken, Gold Crested Chicken, Bronzed Chicken, Story Chicken, Amber Chicken, Midnight Chicken, Fancy Chicken. 

It also diverse for rabbit:

Vested Rabbit, Harlequin Rabbit, Freckled Rabbit, Muddy Foot Rabbit, Bolt Striped Rabbit, Jumbo Rabbit

Also with genoa mobs you have more Furnace Golem, Viler Witch, Tropical Slime, Glowsquid (will be removed from the addon in 1.17), Skeleton Wolf, Bone Spider, Jolly Llama, Melon Golem

Two biomes will get you more a new wood and stone type, 4 new mobs, new ores, new food, a new type of crafting table and many new blocks, items, tools and weapons

In addition, in the grasslands you can find honey slimes, it will follow you but will not attack you.

There are many rainbow-inspired things that you can find in the game like rainbow beds, rainbow sheep along with wool and carpet. 

If you encounter any errors when installing this addon, please leave a comment below so we can fix it. 


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