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We all wish some aspects of Minecraft would be updated or changed, and Abstract’s Recraft: An overhaul add-on will make these changes we all want with the input and ideas of anyone who enjoys this add-on!

Creator: AbtractRemix


The end has remained the same for a very long time, with many other places in Minecraft receiving updates it leaves a lot to be desired for the end and the endgame in general after the dragon is slain.

The deepbark Biome

Starting with the main part of this update and one of the biggest part

The Deepbark biome is a thick forest where dense, purple fog has taken over, this fog results in very few mobs daring to wander the area creating an eerie atmosphere of emptiness.

The ground in this biome is composed of a new block called vysillium, on this block has 2 different types of flowers grow:

  • The Lochinvar rosebush
  • The vysillium tulip

The trees are made of Deepbark logs and Deepbark leaves, as well as scattered flowering Deepbark leaves.

You can also find occasional small water pools here with End lilypads on the surface of the water. This biome spawns fairly commonly and usually around the outskirts of the end islands. This biome can’t spawn on the main islands, where the dragon fight takes place.

The Structures

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Dragon Skeletal Structures

The dragon ribcage skeletal structure is the smallest of the three and also the most common, it can spawn slightly above ground or almost fully below. It’s a great source of crystallized dragon blocks.

The full skeleton is the remains of an ancient, slightly larger ender dragon that went extinct long ago, these dragons are said to hold the treasure in their mouths and can spawn slightly buried or fully uncovers.

The largest skeletal structure and largest overall structure in this add-on is the colossal ancient dragon skull. This is the remains of an ancient dragon that went extinct millions of years ago, it measures over 40 blocks long and three times the length of the ender dragon, it is said that great treasure lies within the skull. However, due to this structure’s tendency to generate half-buried, you may have to dig out the end stone from within its mouth.

Battle Tower Structures

There are difficult to pass through, dangerous structures that are the only source of scrolls of strength. They also contain many other valuable loot chests that contain randomized contents.

The first variation and smaller of the two spawns anywhere in the air, this could be right above the void or tens of blocks above the end islands, the spawn many skulkers, so make sure you don’t end up floating too high, it’s a long way to fall.

The second variation of the end battle towers contains many more challenging enemies but contains more, and better loot chests, in this structure, you will find all hostile end mobs.

Pollen Stronghold

This structure spawns fairly rarely, and usually, near Deepbark biomes. It contains some deadly foes lurking within the waters and the chests contain many plantlife items and pouches of potent pollen.

End Reservoirs

These small structures are a great source of Deepbark blocks outside of the biome, and also contain a few endermite spawners.

End Library

These small buildings are one of the most important structures in this add-on, within them, they contain ancient texts long lost from the Minecraft world.

Ancient books imbued with the power of enchanting items to a higher level than what was previously believed (Unbreaking IV, Efficiency VI,…). However, the text required for peak sharpness and protection lies elsewhere.

Ranged Arena Structures

This is a very rare structure that is said to contain a crossbow with the power of instant drawing (quick charge V) and a bow with the power of dealing incredible damage (Power X, Power value is only this high for PVP balancing due to high armour defence value)

End Temple Structure

This is the rarest and perhaps most dangerous structure in Abstract’s Recraft addon, it contains incredible loot as well as a book of sharpness VI and protection V, many enemies will spawn here though so be cautious.

The Blocks:

Many new blocks can be found in this addon, some craftable and some found only in structures, many have crafting recipe purposes but others are purely decoration.

Deepbark family

More blocks:

  • Deepbark log (side facing ang top facing)
  • Leaf variants (can obtain from the Deepbark biome)
  • Deepbark planks
  • Deepbark slabs
  • Deepbark Stairs

Plant Family

  • The Lochinvar rosebush
  • Deepbark Tulip
  • End lilypad
  • Deepbark sapling

Bone Block Family

Crystallised bone blocks can be crafted into crystallised dragon bones, all other blocks are decorated and all can be obtained from dragon skeletal structures

Void Ore Family

  • Can be found anywhere in the end below Y (55)
  • Drop: 1-5 void shards
  • Great places to looking for is the side of end island
  • Void crystal blocks are crafted from 9 void crystals

The Items:

Crafting materials

  • Void shard: can be obtained 1-5 from mining the void orre
  • Void crystal: Crafted from 4 void. Main ingredient of all armour all tools
  • Vials of dragon tears: Drooped by the ender dragon on death
  • Corrupted rod: craft by blaze rod and vial of dragon tears
  • Empty glass orb: craft 4 glass block and 1 diamond
  • Crystallised dragon bone: can be obtained from various chests in dragon skeletal structures or crafted from 1 block of crystallised dragon bone
  • A pile of crystallised bone dust: craft from 9 crystallised dragon bones. Key ingredient of crafting Hexed Void Scythe
  • Scroll of strength: can be obtained from chests in end tower structures, key ingredient of Forceful Void Scythe
  • Pouch of potent pollen: can be obtained from chest in the pollen stronghold. Key ingredient of crafting Spirited void Scythe

The Equipment and Tools:

Note: All crafting recipes are visible in-game from the crafting menu.

More tools:

  • Void Shovel
  • Void Hooked How
  • Void Pickaxe
  • Void Waraxe


  • Spirited Void Scythe
  • Hexed Void Scythe
  • Forceful Void Scythe

all weapons got all possess a unique ability for you to choose based on your play style.

Armour: Can be crafted by void crystals. Lochinvar flower crown is a pure decoration headgear option for those who want to take a break from the combat and wear a nice flower crown, it grants very little defence.

The corrupted end peart:

  • allows the user to teleport 7 blocks in the direction they’re looking.
  • Allow to pass through walls
  • Negate fall damage if used right before hitting the ground

The corrupt firework: allow the user to shoot up 30 blocks high making it perfect for elytra startup or for traversing high locations without elytra, but you may want a bit of feather falling before using it.

The corrupt orb items: The variants:

  • Orb of leaping
  • Orb of regeneration
  • Otb of invisibility
  • Orb of swiftness

Void Scythe Deep Dive

Regular Void Scythe: This scythe does more damage than the netherite sword and has no special properties.

Spirited Void Scythe

  • Crafted with: 1 regular void scythe and 8 pouches of poten pollen
  • Created a pool of many levels 1 positive potion effects that lasts 2 minutes.
  • The holder can choose to use this to boost abilities or act as a rallying point for themself and allies.
  • Cooldown: 3 minutes (2 minutes active and 1 minute downtime)

Hexed Void Scythe

  • The wielder can shoot a small magic projectile that deal high damage every 5 seconds
  • Crafted by: 1 regular void scythe and 8 piles of crystallised bone dust

Forcefull Void Scythe

  • The wielder can affect themselves with strend 3, haste 3, and speed 1 for 15 seconds with 45 seconds cooldown, creating a downtime of 30 seconds.
  • Craft: 1 regular void scythe + 8 scrolls of strength.


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