SwampPLUS Addon (new update) for MCPE

SwampPLUS Addon brings new structures, mobs, items, and blocks to the swamp world of minecraft making it more alive and engaging than ever.

Specifically, the features that this add on brings include new Mobs, new biomes, swamp boats, and more, let’s explore it with us.

Cre: ForgeLogical, Youtube, Twitter

Features SwampPLUS Addon

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Swamp Trees

In SwampPlus, there will be 2 types of trees that you can see: Mangrove (top) & Willow (bottom). 

The special thing is that the trees can turn into other things like slabs, doors, trapdoors, and planks, bark, boats, fences. To get stripping variations you can strip logs or bark. 

Chested and Barreled Boats

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You will be able to save items whether you are in the water or on the shore. Here’s how to craft them



In addition, this SwampPLUS Addon also has dragonflies, you can raise them by using things such as dragonfly item, bee item, silverfish item, or spider eyes. Dragonflies will actively kill bees.



In the swamp you can also find amphibians like frogs. Frogs are forced to stay in the water and their food is dragonflies, dragonfly items, silverfish items, spider eyes, kelp, or seagrass. (cheap alternatives to xanax)  


Frogs will release frog legs and you can use them to cook in a furnace, on a campfire, or in a smoker.

Hoppiter Boots

You can take advantage of the frogs so that they shed their skin and use it as a pair of boots to help you jump boost. How to make Hoppiter boots? you can use 4 frog skins to make it.


you’ll need to toggle in the pack settings to change to toggle and can flexibly switch between frog legs or rabbit foot


Tadpoles are created from two frogs and the tadpole will grow into a frog. 


Ruined witch huts can be found in muddy. There you can also find a witch hat but sometimes it can be found in the loot chest but it doesn’t matter much because it only works like cosmetics. 

Mud blocks come in 2 forms: dry mud and wet mud, all of which you can find in the swamp,break the mud block you will get the ball, you throw it to be able to deal 3 damage. 

In SwampPLUS Addon, There are also 2 biomes introduced which are Muddy Swamps and the Meremarsh. Muddy Swamps. 

The difference of Muddy Swamps is that it has lush green grass and wet mud blocks compared to other biomes

As for Meremarshes, this is a biome that is almost lifeless, grass-free, no animals, ruined witch huts, fossils. At night, there’s a grey haze everywhere and some fossils.

Monsters have 2 types are skeleton witches and the Marsher, you can find the Marsher in any swamp, when it attacks you will be blind. 


The skeleton witch attacks like a normal witch.

That’s what’s in SwampPLUS Addon, if you have comments or suggestions you can leave a comment below so we can improve this addon more.



or here

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