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Gecko’s Gizmos [1.18 Fix Update]


Gecko’s Gizmos brings a slew of new equipment to the game, including configurable quarries, auto-harvesters, auto-miners, compressors, and more!

Have you ever wished Bedrock had some nice machinery to assist you in automating tasks? Well, it has now!!

Cre: GoggledGecko (Youtube, Twitter)

Gecko’s Gizmos

Have you ever wished Bedrock had some nice machinery to assist you in automating things? It’s finally happened!!

Gecko’s Gizmos addon includes customisable quarries, auto-harvesters, auto-miners, compressors, and more!


  • Conveyor Belts
  • Auto-crop harvesters
  • Quarries with custom shapes
  • Auto Bock miners
  • Shaker (turns junk blocks into useful blocks
  • Compressor (makes stronger metals)
  • Water Wheels
  • Power Transmitters
  • Working Power system
  • Built in Help screen

In this add-on, you can generate electricity by building Water Wheels and connecting them to the power grid with Power Transmitters. After that, each machine will consume a portion of that electricity to do its duty. Depending on the type of machine, each machine will require a varied quantity of power. While an Auto Miner may only use 5 power, the Quarries will need 20. (https://www.happinessispets.com/ambien/)

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If you go to the “How to” area of your game by accessing your inventory and pressing the question mark in the upper right corner, the add-on has a built-in help section. Here you’ll find useful information such as crafting recipes and an overview of how everything works. However, it is recommended that you view the attached video from my YouTube channel because it demonstrates how everything works much better.

The Quarries are quite strong, but they can be a little laggy on lower-end devices, so don’t use them all at once.

When playing in creative mode, some of the features do not work properly, especially when it comes to breaking custom blocks, thus always play in survival mode when fiddling with with the add-features. on’s If the power indication does not appear on the right side of your screen right away, walk to the “0 0” coordinates until it does. In the world’s settings, enable “Holiday Creator Features” and “Additional Modding Capabilities.”

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Download Gecko’s Gizmos (Linkverstise)

Download Gecko’s Gizmos (Drive)

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