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Fantastic Creatures addon is a Minecraft add-on with a fantastic artistic section and excellent animations, as well as a distinct mafia behavior for each entity. It aims to improve Minecraft in every manner imaginable.

Fantastic Creatures Addon Feature

Fantastic Creatures addon already has an official Discord server where you can assist us in the development of this addon by reporting bugs or offering suggestions, so join us to keep up with the progress of Fantastic Creatures addon.

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No allowed:

  • You should not use direct link
  • Do not modify the addon
  • Give credits to official creators
  • Don’t steal model textures or animations within the addon

This addon is subject to a license that if not followed may cause legal problems

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Chocobos are a larger than typical bird with various talents, such as being able to travel quickly by land and swimming or jumping very high. They can be found freely in your world in open, vegetated areas such as prairies.

To tame the chocobo, you’ll need gysahl, which can be obtained in the natural department.

Once tamed, you can put a saddle on it by right-clicking in the direction of the entity in Android, or just approaching the chocobo and pressing the button.

A chocobo’s saddle can be removed using scissors, and baby chocobos can no longer be mounted.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Black Bear:

Black bears are fantastic gaming animals, and they’re even better when it comes to hostile groups.

Black bears enjoy honey, therefore you may give them bottles of honey to make them happy. These large creatures cannot be tamed and can be found in biomes such as mountains, forests, or areas with a lot of flowers. You can feed them raw fish to help them develop quicker.

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The sporelung is a mushroom-like creature that is shy but not so much that it has a hidden weapon to defend itself. It also enjoys trading with the players, so you can choose whether to have it as a friend or an opponent.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

When the sporelung dies, we don’t know where it will appear or what drop you’ll get.

Fantastic Creatures Addon

In Android, you can right-click or press the exchange button to exchange with the sporelung.

Gysahl Plant:

Gysahl Plant: The gysahl plant is now surviving in grasslands.

Fantastic Creatures Addon

You can add bone powder to help it grow quicker (it has four stages of growth) or you can just let it grow on its own until it reaches the last stage, at which point you can break it and receive the gysahl.

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Fantastic Creatures Addon

Download Fantastic Creatures Addon (BP) or here (Drive)

Download Fantastic Creatures Addon (RP) or here (Drive)

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