More Enchantments Addon (Raiyon) – Bug Fix and Update 

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Are you looking for addons for Minecraft v1.18? Feeling bored with the typical vanilla enchantments? Well, let’s come to check MC AddOns and try to play this More Enchantments addon. It added 10 new unique enchantments for armor and tools!

Cre: Lord Raiyon, Youtube

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More Enchantments

Using the enchanted book to craft many items, it can be found in the creative

Tree capitation

Tree capitator enchanted book recipe:

Create the enchantment which is used for the ax, it can cut down the entire tree by destroying a log.

More Enchantments – Pickaxe

  • Scorching Heat: will help you mine metal ores automatically smelted and affected by Fortune
  • Orb Collector: Mining any block with this enchantment will give an orb of xp
  • Super Miner: it allow you to mine in an area of 3×3 netherrack, end stone, deepslate or stone blocks

Sword Enchantments

Sweeping Edge: It will attract a mob and will deal area damage
Winter Aspect: When attacking a mob it will freeze it for a few seconds

Helmet – Chestplate – Legging – Boots

Helmet: Sculk Eyes will give you the effects of darkness and night vision


  • Health Boost: Health Boost will increase the maximum health, 5 hearts for each level
  • Burning Thorns: It will burn when receiving a hit from a mob


Drowned Step increase the speed when you swimming in the water

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  • Agility enchantment will give you the effect of speed
  • Magma Walker: give you the effect of resistance to fire and you be able to walk on the lava leaving a path of magma.
  • Slime Feets: land on with the boots equipped, you will bounce and if you jump right when you fall, you be able to bounce infinitely apart (not taking damage)

Arcane Table – More Enchantments

Craft recipe:

The enchanted book can be crafted in the Arcane Table

Tree Capitator – Super Miner

Note from Creator

  • If you feel interested in this addon and want to make a video, keep this in mind:
  • Do not create links from my addon
  • Please do not provide the direct link
  • If this is not respected, I will have to use my copyright

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More Enchantments Addon 1.18.30 Compatibility Update
– Fixed:
+ Super miner and tree capitator enchantments
+ Netherite Enchantment Table texture and working
– All new enchantments books need to be crafted on a vanilla crafting table to 1.18.30 versions compatibility
– Armoring Enchantment now gives a resistance effect


mcpeaddons download

More Enchantments addon BP or (backup)
More Enchantment addon RP or (backup)

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