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The Secrets Of Dungeons

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Demon Hunter Addon

Hello, 2022, and new projects! Demon Hunter Addon is an addon that immerses you in the famous Demon hunt and adds three varieties as...

Pig Race (Map)

The Secrets Of Dungeons is an adventure map in which you discover that there are deadly gems that can change the universe’s code. Those are tucked away in various dungeons. Your mission will be to recover them before the vilain seizes them and takes control of the universe.

Cre: xofadez (Youtube, Twitter

The Secrets Of Dungeons

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# What is in the map?

  • Interactive Dialogues
  • Custom Ressource Pack
  • Incredible Cutscenes
  • 4 Dungeons

In this map, you will be summoned by the mayor of a hamlet to solve the village’s mystery. A scientist committed suicide as a result of a serious threat.

Some others Map Minecraft PE you can check in Mcpeaddons.com

# Credits

  • Builder/Programmer: Benjamin874
  • Testers: TheDoffedTay, Rhynam, TheblueMan003, justAsh01234, quackVX, F0Xkod, McBrincie212, BouffonPolice78
  • Custom UI by TheblueMan003
  • Custom Terrain “Isolated Crag” by Medi Daner

# Links

The Secrets Of Dungeons

Download The Secrets Of Dungeons (Mediafire)

Download The Secrets Of Dungeons (Drive)

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