Ex0tic’s Masonry Addon for MCPE

Minecraft has very nice graphics, a variety of worlds, but the stones in the game are inconsistent, for some people this is also a drawback. Ex0tic’s Masonry was born to overcome these disadvantages. 

Add Ex0tic’s Masonry in game, you will have more variants like granite bricks, cobbled andesite, or chiseled diorite to create consistency. Besides, soul sandstone is also added when you download this addon. 

Cre: Ex0ticLettuce

Ex0tic’s Masonry Addon

With Ex0tic’s Masonry addon, you own over 30 New Blocks, hundreds of new crafting recipes and specially, other fixes vanilla stones. 

Stones will be divided into groups of variations

Basic Stone Variants

  • Granite, Diorite and andesite, with these when using a non-silk touch pickaxe to mine, their cobbled variants will drop and these cobbled variants can be smelted back into their naturally generating variants.
  • Granite, Diorite, and andesite bricks can be crafted with four polished variants in a 2×2 shape or using a stonecutter in the Crafting table. 
  • Same if you want to make Chiseled granite, diorite, and andesite can use stonecutter or stack two of their polished slabs on top of each other. 


  • You can craft Cobbled Soul Sandstone with four Soul Sand in a 2×2 shape or use a non-silk touch pickaxe to mine.
  • When you have Cobbled Soul Sandstone, you also smelt and obtain Soul Sandstone
  • Polished Soul Sandstone is crafted by crafting soul stones and Soul Sandstone Bricks can be crafted from Polished Soul Sandstone or to craft the above two can be used stonecutter. 
  • Chiseled Soul Sandstone will be crafted from Minecraft Stonecutter
  • All naturally generating sandstone has the “smooth sandstone” texture
  • Cobbled sandstone is the original sandstone texture and it can be smelted back into it’s naturally generating variants and be mined by a non-silk touch pickaxe
  • Cut sandstone is called “Polished Sandstone” and is crafted with four naturally generating variants or use a stonecutter
  • Similar to Cobbled sandstone, Sandstone Bricks can now be crafted with four “Polished Sandstones” in a 2×2 shape or using a stonecutter. 
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  • Nine Prismarine Shards are crafted from Polished Prismarine, instead of one Prismarine Brick. Prismarine Brick is crafted from Polished Prismarine or stonecutter and Chiseled Prismarine is crafted from stonecutter. 


  • There are many Variant Magma stones, Chiseled Magma can be crafted by using a stonecutter. Polished Magma can be crafted by using four magma in a 2×2 shape or using a stonecutter. 
  • Magma Bricks can be crafted with four Polished Magma or use a stonecutter. 


  • Similarly, Polished Endstone is also made from four endstones or stonecutter and Endstone Bricks are crafting again from four Polished Endstone or stonecutter, crafting Chiseled Endstone must definitely use stonecutter. 

Cracked/Mossy Bricks

  • Unlike other stones, Cracked Bricks and Mossy Bricks are made by smelting and crafting the corresponding variant. Mossy Bricks is crafted with vines and 1.17 moss. 


  • Use this addon must to attach the video link to show the copyright of the author
  • You should enable all experimental features when creating a world


  • More multi-crafting recipes added such as crafting mossy granite, diorite, and andesite bricks
  • Added an embedded video showcase


Ex0tic’s Masonry B-Pack or here 

Ex0tic’s Masonry R-Pack or here

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