Ores Plus AddOn v8.0: Elemental update

An expansion for mines in Minecraft with minerals, new tools, and new armor, even elemental armor is also added for each area in this game. All these cool things have in Ores Plus AddOn v8.0!!

Cre: Agustín 雌犬, Twitter, Youtube

Ores Plus AddOn

Let exploring the mines and finding new minerals. The new tool and armor will help you a lot in your quest for elemental gems. There are 4 new Elemental Armors: Cryo, Jade, Spinel and Ambar

Elemental table

It will help you craft all elemental objects of the addon!

To craft an elemental table, you need to 2 tungsten ingots, 2 platinum ingots, and 2 red carpet

Essence of gems

Ores Plus AddOn added 9 essences of gems: Cryo, Ambar, Spinel, Infernal, Jade, Wither, End, Desert, and Ocean

New Swords

There are three swords: White Diamond, Cryo, and Electro Sword

New minerals

There are two new minerals added in this addon: Jade and Ambar. It appears between layer 8 to 54

These things are used to craft the essence of amber gem and jade

Silver knife

  • Attack: 8
  • Durability: 80

 Pyrite ingot – Pyrite block

Using pyrite ingot to create the pyrite armor, sword

Ores Plus AddOn v8.0

  • Gems are crafted with a powerless gem, gem essence, and its special Elemental Table
  • The pyrite ingot will have to be elaborated craft more than before
  • The gems can not find in the chest, the essence of gems will be found like Infernal, Ocean, Desert, and End
  • The chest of cities of the END will be found with pieces of the armor of pyrite, white diamond, and the Electro sword.
  • Elemental swords will be crafted with the white diamond sword.
  • Spinel, Ambar, Wither, Jade, and Cryo are the only essences that are craftable.
  • The generation of prayers of the world rose.
  • Axe, hoe, and shovel tools are now damaged when used.
  • Updated some textures

Ores Plus AddOn v7.0

Note: The minerals will only be generated if you are in beta and activate the “caves and cliffs” option. If not, they will only be generated from a positive layer up to 1!

New Ores in Deepslate

Ores Custom Generations

Deepslate Ruby Ore – Deepslate Sapphire Ore: from layer 16 to -58

Deepslate Mythril Ore – Deepslate Rose Quartz Ore: from layer 16 to -32

Deepslate Silver Ore: from layer 16 to -54
Deepslate Tungsten Ore: from layer 16 to -58

Deepslate White Diamond Ore – Deepslate Platinum Ore: from layer 16 to -58

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Ores Plus AddOn v6.0

Raw minerals and raw blocks

Material to craft:  silver, tungsten or platinum

Added Sapphire Ore, Platinum Ore, Topaz Ore

Powerless gem and healing gem

It will appear in the endcity between 1 to 2 gems

and much more…


– Added:
+ Silver knife
+ The pyrite ingot and pyrite block
+ Jade and Amber minerals and block
+ Crafting Table: Elemental Table
+ White Diamond, Cryo, and Electro Sword
+ The essence of gems: Cryo, Ambar, Spinel, Infernal, Jade, Wither, End, Desert and Ocean
+ New gems: Cryo, Spinel, Ambar, Jade, and Wither
+ New Elemental Armors: Cryo, Jade, Spinel and Ambar
+ Updated some textures
and other things in changelog Ores Plus AddOn v8.0 which is shown in the description


Ores Plus Add-On BP v8.0 or here
Ores Plus Add-On RP v8.0 or here

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