Avatar Airbender Glider Pack

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Avatar Airbender Glider Pack includes a new model and texture for the Minecraft elytra glider. The “Airbender Glider” is a renamed elytra based on Aang’s renowned staff from Avatar: Last Airbender.

Cre: MWCubed (Youtube, Instagram)

Avatar Airbender Glider Pack

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The elytra has a new look in Pack, which is the sole feature. The Airbender glider can be obtained in the same way as conventional elytras, or from the creative mode inventory. It can’t be created, but phantom membranes can be used to restore it.

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Bugs that have been discovered:

  • When swimming underwater, the animation isn’t entirely perfect.
  • Hands holding the glider while flying might look better, but I’m not sure how to implement that.
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