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Iron Man Addon is created from watching Iron Man 3. I had a weird notion and decided to include the classic Mark 42 suit in the game. The suit separates into pieces and flies towards Tony Stark, as well as the outfit’s ability to function without Tony. 

If you don’t want to read, there’s a YT video tutorial at the bottom. Yes, the armor may be worn, and yes, it can be disassembled and flown to you. 

Cre: Eyebags (Youtube, Twitter

Iron Man Addon

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Important: Iron man addon is currently in BETA! MORE FEATURES WILL BE ADDED IN THE FUTURE!

Make sure “Experimental Gameplay” and “Activate Cheats” are both turned on.

iron man addon

You should then have these two objects. A “Suit Activator” spawn item and a “Mark 42” spawn item.

iron man addon

After using the “Suit Activator” item to merge the suit pieces, you’ll be handed this item. Suit Auto Mode is a menu item.

iron man addon

The suit will follow you about, fight for you, and defend you in “Auto Mode.”

You can put on the armor if you wish to. Disable “Suit Auto Mode” by pressing down on the suit for a long time.,iron-man-addon-minecraft-pe,--3.jpg
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

You should be handed this “Call Suit” item after long pressing on the suit without holding anything, which when held and long pressed will cause the suit components to fly and join to your body.


If you wish to take the suit off once the pieces have been attached, you can use the “Remove Suit” option.

After using the “Remove Suit” item, you can choose whether to return to “Auto Mode” or “Call Suit.”

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  • Do not republish or change this addon as your own without my permission.
  • If you wish to utilize this addon in other projects, such as films or maps, but not limited to them. Please give the creator credit (me)
  • When granting credit, as stated in rule 2. Please use this MCPEDL website instead of the Mediafire link.Thanks.
  • THIS ADDON IS MCPEDL-SPECIFIC; it can’t be distributed anywhere else until I upload it myself.
iron man addon

Download Iron Man Addon (Support Creator)

Download Iron Man Addon (Drive)

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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[…] important to note that the Iron Man addon is presently in BETA! IN THE FUTURE, MORE FEATURES WILL BE ADDED! Check that both […]

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