Beta Hider Resource Pack for Minecraft

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Come to Beta Hider Resource Pack which hides all traces that you are in the beta version of the Minecraft game. This is one of the packs for people who don’t like the changes to the main menu in the beta as well as they are not on the beta to record video

Cre: AgentMindStorm, Youtube, Twitter

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Beta Hider Resource Pack

Now let’s explore the full list of changes from this pack with

  • Replaced the main menu panorama with the normal one
  • The beta text under the top of the screen no more longer appear
  • Removed: Beta Subtitle, Beta splash
  • The beta-related loading messages is now appear with the normal ones
  • Removed the word “Beta” on the Play buttons and Worlds List

The main menu beta:

The main menu with Beta Hider Resource Pack


Cliff Update (1.0.6):
– Added Caves & Cliffs: Part II panorama as the new default panorama (Part I is still l accessible under the pack option “Caves & Cliffs: Part I Panorama”)
– Updated: the title texture to match the latest version
– Replaced: text on the Worlds List screen that said “Beta Worlds” with the normal “Worlds”
– Removed Halloween panorama
– Fixed: The debug screen no longer causes a content error


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Beta Hider Resource Pack

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