Creeper Steve

Creeper Steve is so powerful he can take up the whole Minecraft universe. He destroyed herobrine before many times He can destroy the players instantly. They stand no chance against Creeeper Steve.
Creator: Finnzax (Youtube)

Creeper Steve

Your probably wondering how got this way well he drink a potion that made him so powerful that he could take any mob out and he will stop every player soon and enjoy but also invite friends. to play with you too so you dont have to place alone by your self you can. You will be able to fight him I know you wont. win but its still fun to have in your world.
I want boss fights in minecraft pocket edition there will be more to this addon and more different addons in the future i promise. You will have more updates like this good luck enjoy these addons once you have more upates you will get to see the next power level of his  since he cant really use his powers yet I want to add that soon because it would be awesome to see this in game.
This will be more fun in the future but soon you will more features like this i promise. For now, this all he can do. I want to add more features to the game I really do I just need to learn this bit more. I promise there will be updates I just dont know yet but soon I will tell when I can update it. I will let you know soon. now once I add this you will soon meet the real Creeper Steve. This gone be fun. I cant wait for more updates because it will be more fun you guys. It will be so much fun that you will enjoy this addon.
And once you get the addon you will be fine because the addon is really fun because you can even try to hide from him if you want to. Once you do that its like hide and seeks lol. But have fun. It will be so interesting that you will have fun with this addon and you will enjoy it. But yea this all I got to say about the addon.
If does lag your world thats because he summon mobs to take you out. But this all need to know so far about my addon.  It Also Add Zombie Pigman And other Mobs But let me know what think of it. I’ll add more stuff soon.

Creeper Steve Should Work for 1.19.20 update as works for any version I will be updating this addon so expect update soon. I want make more updates in the future but its gone take me well but i will promise to update this more and more stuff to the game as he kills Herobrine, but it will take me time and I will be working on him it will take well for update. I will update the addon for sure.

I will let you know when i can update the addon. this gone be fun. when there are more updates for the Creeper Steve Addon.  This Update i want work on so you guys can expect more updates out of me. When i can update it. But in time i will do that but once i add update so you guys can enjoy the update. i try to make as much updates as i can. Once i do that it will work. and you will enjoy this addon i promise once you check this addon out you can tell your friends about it. That should be fun because then you will be able to hang out with them When use my Creeper Steve Addon.

Creeper Steve

Creeper Steve

Creeper Steve

Some Minecraft Addons PE you can check in

This will be fun addon. then you dont have to worry anymore. Because your friends can also be there to fighting Creeper Steve. This will be fun i promise. ill do my best. Then you dont have to worry anymore but the updates because. I want you to be able to play on your world. if not I will see what i can do I promise to fix this when I can once I do that. This will be fun. I did enjoy my addon to. It brings so much memories. once you use my addon. Everything will be ok. I hope i can update this addon because ik it will take long time but hey i will try my best then you will be able to see this addon everywhere. Everything will be fine. once i add more to this addon. but not sure. What i can do. but soon i will be able to do anything and work on him give more powers. Witch will be cool and then he will never lose and he will beat all them. But right now I cant do that when I have things to do but ill try my best ik i said this already but I will keep founding way to do that.

And Also Adds Zombie Pigman From 0.8.1 MCPE And there is Undead Zombie Pigman.

Creeper Steve

Undead Skeleton witch is bit stronger.

Creeper Steve

Also Creeper Steve Witch is Stonger then Herobrine.

Creeper Steve

Creeper SteveCreeper Steve
Creeper Steve
Creeper Steve
Creeper Steve

Minecraft Gun Mod

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1 year ago

i hope everyone enjoys my addon.
1 year ago

Just quick question ummm can put this on my account seens made this addon.

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