Designer’s Toolkit – Actual Guns Collab Update

Decorate your world like never seen before with a well made add-on: Designer’s toolkit that introduces you a few categories of Blocks to suit many types of buildings styles with a large color palette, patterns and functionalities.

Creator: Molten Pixel Studios

Designer’s Toolkit

If you choose the behavior pack, with the menu, start your creative adventure by grabbing a Menu from the Equipment Section in the Creative Inventory and right-click/hold, then choose the desired categories otherwise just hop in your Creative Inventory to the construction category and start making awesome creations!

Minecraft Gun Mod

Addon includes 2 main categories:

  • Vanilla-like blocks: Lots of stylish cubes that can come in handy for the base of your buildings much more with 4 subcategories:
    • Building Blocks
    • Decoration Blocks
    • Industrial Blocks
    • Materials
  • Custom Blocks: contains fancy decorative blocks and interesting functional ones with 5 subcategories:
    • Paintings
    • Chemistry Blocks
    • Decoration Blocks
    • Functional Blocks
    • Nature Blocks

Our mission is to bring you as many cool and useful blocks as possible to always let you to build something that you like

Actual Guns Collab

  • Actual Guns is the first Add-on to bring custom guns for Minecraft Bedrock Community and includes Unique features such as First shot accuracy, recoil recovery, skins, and much more!
  • We know there are people that love building maps in Minecraft as much as playing shooters, hence we came along with this collab to allow players to build the best environments for their action packed maps while bringing compatibility and unique interactions when using both Add-ons!

Madlads PBR Collab

  • Madlad, the creator of the well knows Defined PBR Ray Tracing Resource Pack with PBR textures that faithfully enhance the originals, and fixes for all entity rendering bugs!
  • This Collab allows for players using RTX and our Designer’s Toolkit addon to fully enjoy the gameplay

Minecraft Gun Mod


  • Version: The Designer’s Toolkit is compatible with Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.20 and above
  • When importing the Behavior Pack in a map make sure to check the setting icon access features like Connected Blocks and allow blocks to deal Explosion Damage, features which are disabled by default
  • Make sure to turn on experimental features


  • Added support for Actual Guns. Bullets will now make the brand-new explosive barrels explode upon impact and allow for unique interactions with other blocks. (zolpidem online prescription uk) Not that only Actual Guns DLC weapons are compatible as of now and more weapons will be compatible in later Actual Guns updates
  • Added support PBR when using RTX

Get Designer’s Toolkit here

Designer's Toolkit

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Minecraft Gun Mod

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