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Inspired by different Minecraft Java Foliage mods, the Better Foliage addon/texture pack will make the in-game foliage denser and less repetitive by changing textures, models, adding variants to all the in-game foliage.

Creator: Fused Bolt

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You can use this as a texture pack alone or use it with the Behavior Pack for a bunch of more features such as Natural falling leaves, new plants, and other things.

Texture Pack


You can select between Round Leaves or Bushy Leaves from the GEAR icon.

Round Leaves

Bushy Leaves

They have some visuals bugs like they don't have biome colors

Bushier Leaves (Not a part of this pack)

These leaves don't pack of this part of this pack, because they have a lot of visual bugs, and adding a lot of sub packs with different blocks.json's break the pack, so only 2 best-for-use models were added.


  • Each flower has 4-6 variants and with the new model
  • There will be 2-4 singular flowers on each block or denser big flower on single block
  • The model of flowers has a bug that it turns invisible in flower pot, so you can turn off the model from GEAR icon

Grasses and Ferns

They have up to 9 variants

Lilu pads:

  • Has total 25 variants with and without flowers
mcpeaddons download

Sugar Canes

  • Have 3D model

Cacti and deadbush

  • Prickly cactus with variants and bushier dead bush


  • 2-4 mushrooms on a single block
  • Vines have 4 different variants


  • Have 3 variants each

Nether Foliage:

  • A denser model with variants

Behavior Pack:

Falling Leaves:

  • Leaf particles will fall from any type of leaves within 10 block radius.
  • They also interact with blocks i.e they will stay on the block they have fallen on for a while before disappearing and there will be extra particles when used with shader.


  • Can be found under oak trees in forest
  • Have 5 stages of growth (you can use bone meal to speed up)
    • Stem
    • Flower stem
    • Small greaa apple
    • big tree apple
    • red/golden apple
  • It's also extremely rare chance from Green Apple to Golden Apple
  • Each grow apple when broken or sheared will be replace by a stem which will eventually grow into a new apple
    • Red apples drop apples
    • Golden apples drop golden apples
    • Big green apples drops a new item (Green Apple) which restore hunger bar
  • Other stages don't drop anything and only grown apples are replaces by a stem. Furthermore, you can use shears to get the Placeable apples which can only be plced under oak leaves


  • Can be found alongside river and in swamps
  • can use shears to get Placeable Cattails


  • Can be found in forests
  • Use shears to get the Placeable Shrub

Nether roots:

  • Can be found in the Nether
  • Spawn under Netherrack, nether caves and fortresses
  • Get placeable nether roots bt using shears

Download Better Foliage addon/Texture:

Important Info

  • Enable Experimental Gameplay for the complete functioning
  • You can get all the addon blocks by using command: /function better_foliage and you can get the Placeable blocks in survival by using shear (mobile tap once, pc use the shears normally)
  • All of textures, all of variants, all the models are done by Fused Bolt
  • You can choose between Round Leaves or Bushy Leave from the GEAR icon
  • You can manually add falling leaves particles with the texture pack alone by placing Border Block on top of leaves. Use command to get border block: /give @s border_block
  • The flowers, dead bush, nether roots, mushrooms, and other pot plants will be invisible in the pot because of their new model


  • Added Naturally falling leaves
  • Added Apples, a crop plant with 5 stages of growth and new food item: Green Apple
  • Added new plant: Cattails, Shrubs, Nether Roots
  • Made the texture oack compatible with 1.17

More Texture packs on to make your Minecraft World look better:


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