Lily Pads Plus+ texture pack for MCPE

Lily Pads Plus+ is a small texture pack that will add 3d flowers lily pad. It includes a lot of variations to lily pads and also a bunch of variations to lily pads as well. I guess this small detail will make your world become more beautiful!

Cre: Fused Bolt

Lily Pads Plus

There are have a total of 6 different variations in this texture pack. It also appears ability will not be any flower on the lily pad!

You can choose one of two texture of lily pads

Vanilla Lily Pads

It has the vanilla texture with flowers on top

Fused’s Lily Pads 

These lily pads have a new texture with 8 different variations and generate randomly

A fun fact these lily pads can create a total of 56 different combinations with and without flowers!


  • If you make a video with Lily Pads Plus pack, please do not put the direct download link
  • Don’t publish it on other websites without the creator’s permission.
  • You are not allowed to use anything from this pack, but you can use the method through which I did it


– It has crossed flowers now
– Bigger in size and don’t float 2 pixels above water
– Added: select texture between Vanilla Lily Pads or Fused’s Lily Pads (include 8 variations)
– Flowers now have 6 different variations
– Compatibility with any other texture pack and can use lily pad texture from other texture packs as well.


Lily Pads Plus

or here Lily Pads Plus+

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