De-Gore-ations for MCPE

You are a horror lover and want your game scenes to be interesting while playing minecraft, De-Gore-ations is the add-on for you. 

VileGhoul – the author of this addon created 15 new horror themed decorations such as Corpse variations, Skeleton variations, Hung Corpse,  Coffin Variations, ….etc all in game, let’s see more in the article below.

Cre: VileGhoul 

De-Gore-ations feature 

It was initially used for individual players but in the future creators can also enrich and diversify their minecraft world as the author is releasing this for creators of adventure, horror, roleplay, and halloween/holiday map creators. 

15 new horror themed decorations, your word will be more fun in the adventure or just scare unsuspecting friends. 

Each horror themed has its own awesome, this pack include:

  • 3 Corpse variations
  • 3 Skeleton variations
  • Hung Corpse
  • Drowned Corpse
  • Staked Corpse
  • Nailed Corpse
  • Slouched Corpse
  • Gravestones
  • 2 Coffin Variations
  • Blood Splatters

To use De-Gore-ations, you just need to find eggs in the creative menu and spawn the entity into your world. If you have created it but in the process you feel it is not suitable or you do not like it anymore you can remove it by hitting it, then it will disappear and of course this is a decoration and not a solid object so you can walk through it. 

If you want to have more favorite horror decoration items or any suggestion you can leave a comment below so we will consider updating them in the next update.



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