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What do you think about the Hirxcraft Retro texture pack? It may be aesthetic, modern, classic. Whatever, this texture pack will give you a great experience while playing Minecraft. It’s still in development so some mobs lack texture and blocks or elements.

Creator: Twitch Tube Creators (Youtube, Twitter)

Hirxcraft Retro Images:

Hirxcrafts Retro V4 | Summer Update

New material/content:

  • Texture changed from amethyst to red, is it a reference to ruby?
  • The hen has a new 3D texture
  • Diamond, iron, gold indot, gold, and iron nuggets, emerald, netherite, copper-ingot had a greate change in texture
  • Change all Minecraft GUI/UI, inlcuding Quick Access Bar icons, Inventory, Artboards,… and chill music.
  • Add new custom sky bos
  • The pack logo of textures was changed to a summer one, to celebrate the summer holiday
  • Change glow berries texture
  • The diamond, lapis, deep slate carbon, now with the normal mineral texture.
  • The axolotls and goats have wing
  • The villagers changed
  • A new file called License.txt was added (It’s a vailable in Spanish and English)
  • A list of unicodes was added
  • The texture of enchantments and the GUI of the enchantment table already have a new texture.

Bug fixed

  • Fixes the dog’s texture
  • When the fox sleeping, it already has the full texture
  • Fixed the texture of chicken and fish
  • Fixed texture of diamond, now it is no longer black
  • Block texture of black stone fixed with gold

Things removed

  • Removed new texture of dog
  • 4 variations of soil and grass block were eliminated
  • Logo that refered to the earth was removed and changed to another


Changelog / Patch Notes-

Hirxcraft Retro V5 | Summer Update – Part 2. What was added in this update?


  • Torches, lanterns and campfires now look 3D in the player’s hand and also can glow in the dark (this is still in beta status)
  • Added texture to the Candles
  • The texture of the chest, enchantment table, library and pistons has been modified
  • The end sky was modified and now the shulker is also a darker purple color (reference to the end city)
  • The bed already has a new 3D model
  • Added texture to enderman and vindicator
  • Textured border and glowing_obsidian
  • Redesigned the following textures: dird_podzol_side, copper_ore, soul_campfire_log_lit, seagrass, seagrass_doubletall_bottom, seagrass_doubletall_top, kelp, endframe_side, sea_pickle and amethys_block
  • The fire looks very different and better, the soul is also changed
  • All corals have texture
  • Mob heads have new texture
  • Zombie is green and the drowned one noow has the old zombie texture
  • The dolphin got new texture, like blaze and guardian
  • Steve’s texture was modified
  • The XP is a star
  • The spawn eggs were redesigned


  • Fixed bug where the hen has bugeada texture
  • Texture of armor stand was fixed, plus the model where the hands were blown
  • Fixed powder snow texture
  • Corrected the texture of gray bed
  • Fixed UI of the anvil, and also the one of the potions table
  • Fixed the hood texture


  • Texture and pattern of the dog (temporarily removed, until fully fixed)


  • Hirxcraft Retro V5 Summer Update Part 2


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If you want to make your Minecraft world look more beautiful with a texture pack like Hirxcraft Retro Summer Update, you can refer more below:

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