How to get a gun in Minecraft? 20 Best Minecraft Weapons and Guns Mod 2023

In this article, you will find out how to make a gun and 20 best guns mod in Minecraft Bedrock and Pocket Edition.

How to get guns mod in Minecraft

Minecraft players who wish to improve their fighting abilities should utilize something more powerful than a sword or a crossbow. They can be imaginative and make guns to use.
Gamers wanting for real guns to carry will have to download modifications, but there is another option.

How to make a gun in Minecraft without mods ?

The majority of warfare in Minecraft takes place up close and personal. TNT cannons have a strong punch, but they use a lot of resources and blow up everything. What’s the most effective strategy to deal with the oncoming army? A machine gun in Minecraft.

Step 1: Gather your resources

You will need 6 blocks, 1 dispenser, 3 redstone, 4 redstone torches, a lever, and arrows.

how to get a gun in minecraft

Step 2:

Place your dispenser, a redstone dust behind it, and 2 blocks behind that.

how to get a gun in minecraft

Minecraft Gun Mod

Step 3:

Place a block above-left and above-right of your rear blocks.

how to get a gun in minecraft

Step 4:

Place redstone torches on the sides of your bottom rear blocks (4 total).

how to get a gun in minecraft

Step 5:

Put redstone dust in the channel on top of your rear bottom blocks. It should start flashing.

how to get a gun in minecraft

Step 6:

Place a lever on the back of the rearmost bottom block, and turn it on. This turns the machine “on”, but stops the dispenser from firing.

how to get a gun in minecraft

Step 7:

Fill your machine gun with ammo (either arrows or fire charges).

how to get a gun in minecraft

Step 8: Prepare for war

  • You can play with random Minecraft users and your friends from different devices by creating servers
  • You can use a Minecraft pocket edition server. It is a Minecraft world on the mobile version of the game.
  • You can even create large servers to play minigames.
how to get a gun in minecraft

Can I use TNT instead of arrows and fire charges?

Yes, in fact, it tells you to make a TNT cannon in the Minecraft combat handbook.

With mods, how do I make a gun on the PC version?

The mod itself may have a command or recipe to make a gun. Or just get creative.

How can I make a gun that I can hold in the game?

You can’t craft a gun that you can hold in the regular version of Minecraft. You’ll need to find and install Addons Maker in order to create and use guns in the game. This will not be possible on the console or mobile versions of the game.

Or you can watch this video to know How to Make a Machine Gun in Minecraft Tutorial:


The machine guns mod doesn’t fire far when made on the ground. It has a better distance and spread when elevated.

Projectiles can explode in a ground or villages without an aspect of fire that is subject to change because TNT is a projectile and shoot to your cannon gun to explode or explode in villages that use creatures like jockey.

How to get gun in Minecraft Pocket Edition easy?

Without guns mod, gamers wishing for a more hands-on experience may be disappointed. The vanilla experience does not include any firearms.

To ensure they can get guns in-game, you will want to download a mod that features weapons. An example of this would be Actual Guns Mod App – which can download on both Android and iOS devices:

📱 Android:

📱 iOS:

Actual Guns Mod for Minecraft

More than 10000+ actual 3D weapons mods include guns, grenades, explosives, ammo, bulletproof vests, goggles, pistoles, carbines, bombs, TNT, shotguns, rifles, SMG, DMR, and other cool weapon mods for Minecraft.

All free guns mod for you to play guns csgo or fortnite even with call of duty guns with your friends. Show off your Minecraft shooting game now!

20 Best Minecraft Weapons and Guns Mod (Updating 2023)

1. 3D Guns Mod by MishaAlphaGK

All 3D guns mod have run animations. To reload all the guns, you need to hold ammo for a certain weapon in your hand.

  • AK117
  • AK47
  • P90
  • Scar
  • M16
  • M249
  • P228
  • M500
  • M1911
  • AWM
  • MG90
  • M870

2. Radium’s Armament Guns Mod

Discover the explosive world of Armament by Radium Studio, a top Minecraft guns mod. Explore a vast arsenal of firearms, customize your weapons, and engage in epic battles. Unleash the full power of your arsenal in Minecraft with Radium’s Armament mod.

  • 100% Survival friendly
  • 16 guns
  • Grenade
  • Targets
  • Radium Zombie
  • Pet Zombie
  • TNT Zombie
  • 19 Weapon Displays
  • Physics
  • Gore/dismembering
  • Several custom blocks
  • Insane amount of animations
  • Two game modes

3. Better Guns Addon by SyKoSoFi

Better Guns Addon is a Minecraft guns mod, that’s just better for those who want to use a gun with other addons? Want to draft them in Survival? This add-on lets you do just that! With Multiplayer and Multi-Addon support!

  • Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Pistol
  • AR
  • SMG
  • Grip
  • Short Barrel
  • Long Barrel
  • Stock
  • Sniper Stock
  • Exploding Grenade

4. Actual Guns 3D by Pixelpoly Digital

This add-on features 6 fully 3D weapons such as Taurus, M3 shotgun, P90, and all-time famous AWP Sniper! That’s not enough, the creator team tried their best to make the animations realistic, from reloading to aim, fire to draw, they basically have all animations for both third and first-person mode!

  • AWP (Arctic Warfare Police) – Sniper
  • Barrett M82A1 – Sniper
  • Benelli M3 – Shotgun
  • FN P90 – SMG
  • Taurus PT92 – Pistol
  • Chain Grenade – Throwble
  • M4A1 – AR
  • AKM – AR
  • M249 – LMG

5. Aplok Guns Mod by Gabriel Aplok

Survival-friendly low add-on with lightweight and beautiful models, satisfying sound effects, smooth animations, and much more. It’s focused on adding 3d guns with vanilla aesthetics! Supports realms, worlds multiplayer, and dedicated servers.

  • Gun
  • Armor
  • Workbench
  • Ammunition Box
  • Minecraft vanilla stylized
  • Satisfying sound effects
  • Satisfying Smooth animations
  • Lightweight and Beautiful art
  • Innovative technology
  • Survival-friendly
  • Multiplayer-friendly

6. Basic Survival Guns Mod by Chromite MaxCrit

The Basic Survival Guns Mod is an addon with simple guns to spice up your vanilla Minecraft gameplay. It adds 7 guns and 5 ammunition,as well as two melee weapons.

  • Heavy Ammo
  • Light Ammo
  • Shotgun Ammo
  • Sniper Ammo
  • Musketball

7. Portal Guns Mod by Dewdimpple

Portal gun of java for bedrock edition is one of the cool things to help you get a new experience! Portal Guns mod is now can help players troll the animals and even your friends by teleporting them everywhere!

  • The Cubes (block and entity)
  • Big and Small Button
  • Barrier Blocks
  • Cube Dropper (or Cube Tube)
  • Big Door
  • Demo Map
  • Normal Portal Gun with Book
  • Potato Portal Gun
  • Rick and Morty Portal Gun
  • Gravity Gun
  • Black Holes

8. Arath’s Guns Mod by ArathNido

The Arath’s Guns Mod adds a variety of firearms such as assault rifles, shotguns, missile launchers, and more to your Minecraft which will improve the gameplay to do PvP with your friends or improve your survival to face monsters or bosses.

  • WW2 Weapon Table
  • Modern Weapon Table
  • Ammo box
  • Thompson
  • Golden thompson
  • Luger 9mm
  • Mauser C96
  • Winchester Shotgun
  • Sturmgewehr 44
  • Bazooka
  • Winchester 1887 shotgun
  • Double Action Revolver shoot
  • Dual Double Action Revolver shoot
  • Springfield
  • Springfield with Scope
  • Sawed off shotgun
  • Dual Sawed off shotgun
  • Contender Pistol
  • Grenade M67
  • Advanced weapons: AA12, AK-47, AK-47 & Shotgun, UZI, M202, Grenade launcher, M4A1, Shotgun, M16, M203, Scar, Revolver, Shorty, Saiga 12, Skorpion vz. 61, Glock 17, Dual Glock 17, H&K MP5, Barret M82A1, and more.

9. Actual Guns CSO Mod by AzozGamer936

This mod was made by Keyyard and TheEnderface. It was re-made, make better reloads, better mechanics, and fixed a lot of bugs after a year of no sign of hope from updates. Actual Guns mod is based on Counter-Strike Online and your support makes it better and better. It added things that no other addon has ever made or thought of!!

  • New mobs
  • Ghost Pet
  • Decoders and Grades
  • The essentials
  • Weapons
  • Pistol category: USP, P99, Rifle Category, AK-74U, SCAR, and more
  • Skins: Decorate your weapons!

10. IndoArsenal Weapon Mod Pack

The IndoArsenal Weapon Minecraft Guns mod by Krep is set to revolutionize your Minecraft experience. With a formidable array of firearms, extensive customization options, and immersive combat scenarios, this mod offers an exhilarating and realistic dimension to your gameplay. In this content description, we will delve into the key features, installation guidelines, and the benefits of embracing this mod.

  • Assault Rifle
  • Pindad SS2
  • Pindad SS1
  • Komodo Armament D5
  • Kalashnikov AK-101
  • Steyr AUG
  • PT Armament IFAR-22
  • Pindad SPR-2
  • FN Minimi

11. Resizer Guns Mod by Coptaine

Have you ever wished to make your pet wolf bigger or the bees smaller to make it look more realistic? Resizing the animals around you is easy with the Resizer Guns mod v1.2.2 3D add addons, just install addon you will get 2 guns, expander and shrink then be ready to go.

12. Rocket Launchers, Landmines and MiniGuns Addon

This pack by Dex And Dad Minecraft is specially designed for those who love the military. About rocket launchers, landmines and miniguns. Nobody can ignore it!

  • Block Breakers (Red light)
  • Non-block Breakers (yellow light)
  • Miniguns
  • Rocket Launchers

13. Custom Throwable Weapons

This weapon mod has various types of three-pronged weapons. Different colors will help you distinguish the power of each weapon. Below we provide you with only symbolic weapons and much more. Discover more at the Throwable Weapons download link below.

14. Lost Weapons Minecraft Mod by RagthorDev

With so many weapons that Minecraft players are bored and have few coices, seeing that, “Lost Weapons” was born with 19 new weapons for players to choose that MCPE Addons suggests.

All weapons are based on myths, they have their own stats and some have special abilities.

  • HORN
  • and more

15. Weapon Pedestal Remastered Addon by SorYPMod

Weapon Pedestal Remastered addon was pieced to help people show their everyday shields and tools to the intimates. These Pedestals should be used as embellishing blocks only! Shop for survival but not with magical gear and endurance.

16. Sci fi weapons mod by Sig sero Ac

Sci fi Weapons gives you more Guns mod with different characteristics and unique shapes. Each weapon deals different damage and has different efficacy.

  • New 6 blocks
  • Vellin
  • Hellfrem
  • Spear
  • Stingray
  • Stelen
  • Nitingle

17. Jimbo’s Modern Weapons Mod

If you are tired of struggling for survival, thí Modern weapon mod by Jimbo Acob will help you deal with it. This weapon is upgraded low tech tools to a modern weapon that you can be used for exterminating anything.

  • Shotgun
  • RPG Launcher
  • Fire Grenade
  • Grenade
  • Soldiers
  • Landmine
  • Turret
  • Tanks
  • Mech Mob
  • Binocular

18. Minecraft Sculk Invasion: Abyss & Weapons Modpack

Sculk Invasion is a mod by RavemonGaming that tells the story of sculk’s global invasion. Due to the sculk’s excessive power, it occasionally infected other mobs and also gave birth to new monsters.

  • Sculkmond tools
  • Amethyst Berry for Taming Abyss Rammer
  • SculksawWeapon
  • SculkedNetherite Tools
  • SculkIngot
  • Abyss Rammer
  • Abyss Glider
  • Sculkpede
  • Sculk Bomb
  • Sculk Wasp
  • Sculk Creeper
  • Anciniade
  • Scuee
  • Cryden

19. Mystic Weapon Mod by Vechrozilator

Powerful magical weapons in Mystic Weapon addon will bring you special abilities. There are 3 kinds of Mystic Weapon and an Armor, each one has an element type and its power is according to that element.

  • Mystic Weapon
  • Mystic Swords
  • Mystic Armors
  • Element Stones
  • Skills Triggering
  • Evocation Staff: Earth, Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Lightning, Light, Dark

20. HALO Addon The Battle on installation 04 – 3D Weapons

HALO Addon adds many entities from the HALO video game series to the Minecraft Bedrock, the addon adds weapons, entities, and armor. Only the bravest soldiers will fight with the UNSC to defeat the forces of the Covenant.

Minecraft Gun Mod

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