Portal Gun V5 Addon for Minecraft

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Portal gun of java for bedrock edition is one of the cool things to help you get a new experience! Portal Gun V.5 addon is now can help players troll the animals and even your friends by teleporting them everywhere!

Creator: Amon28, Youtube, Twitter

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Portal Gun V5

There is a portal gun which added to your Minecraft world, it’s pretty easy to craft.

Map Maker

Players now can explore more than 8 new things for map makers in Portal Gun V5. If you do have not any imagine in your mind, you can check these capture below. They are all uncraftable.

The Cubes (block and entity)

The portal guns will drop it

Big and Small Button

  • The small button: it works like a button.
  • The big button will require the player or cube to get on top of it.

Barrier Blocks

This one only portals can go through

Portalable & Non-Portalable surface blocks

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You have to set up a repeating command block and put “function creator” to make this one work. It makes all other blocks non-portalable.

Cube Dropper (or Cube Tube)

Drop cube once it’s activated

Big Door

How to unlock this door. Just nearby and the door will auto unlock

To remove these blocks: break the block in the middle or go near them – then using the command: “/event entity @e[r=2] despawn”

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Demo Map

How each of these new blocks works in this Portal Gun V5 addon, there is also test rooms on this map.

Portal guns

There is 3 type of portal guns, the portal model will depend on what portal gun you use.

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  • Normal Portal Gun with Book: 1x Ender Eye – 6x Obsidian – 2x iron Ingot
  • Potato Portal Gun: every functionality of a normal portal gun, t also plays voice lines of potato Glados.

1x Normal Portal Gun – 1x Potato

  • Rick and Morty Portal Gun:

6x Iron Ingot -2x Glass – 1x Ender Eye

Take a note: When you craft the portal gun it will be blue color by default, but when firing the portal gun it would switch to ORANGE.

CROUCHING and SHOOTING the portal gun if you want to change the

Minecraft Gun Mod

Gravity Gun – Portal Gun V5

How to pick up blocks?

  • Hold a portal gun in your hand (can be any color) (except for the rick and mort portal gun)
  • Look directly down and shoot and it will convert your portal gun into a gravity gun.
  • Shoot whatever blocks you want to pick up.

How can I place the block?

  1. Put the floating block somewhere you want to place it.
  2. Use the gravity gun again to place the block.

To convert it to the portal gun again shoot directly down.

Credits to the commenter for commenting on this idea: Step_HD

Making Black Holes

Shoot directly up using your portal gun, you can remove blackhole by switching the blackhole portal gun again and sneak and shoot.

The characteristic of a black hole: Anything close to it will be get sucked in and killed (player + items)

Check out the page on how to play the portal gun below, including a guide on how to use the portal gun and also how to craft it.

Settings>How To Play>Scroll to the bottom


Has 3 settings, Portal gun + Gravity Gun, Gravity Gun only, and Portal Gun Only.

Note from creator:

  • Feel free to put the Credit creator who creates the Portal Gun V5 addon when you make the video.
  • You are not permitted to make your own download link of this Portal Gun V5 addon.
  • You are not permitted to share a direct link
  • If there is a bug happening in the beta version I will not support it.
mcpeaddons download

Portal Gun Demo Map (V5) (Just Map)
Portal Gun V5 Addon
or All here (gg drive)

Minecraft Gun Mod


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