IndoArsenal Weapon Addon|3D Guns Mod|Good & Clean Update!

Discover IndoArsenal Weapon Minecraft Gun mod, a powerful addition to your Minecraft experience. Explore a vast selection of firearms, customization options, and realistic combat scenarios. Learn how to install and use this mod to revolutionize your Minecraft adventures.

Creator: KangKung557 (Youtube, Twitter)

IndoArsenal Weapon

The reason why you choose IndoArsenal Weapon?

The IndoArsenal Weapon Minecraft Gun mod is set to revolutionize your Minecraft experience. With a formidable array of firearms, extensive customization options, and immersive combat scenarios, this mod offers an exhilarating and realistic dimension to your gameplay. In this content description, we will delve into the key features, installation guidelines, and the benefits of embracing this mod.

  • We have the best low poly model quality!
  • Has a complex attachment system! you can make gun customizations
  • We have pretty good animation
  • All the gun we release are strictly based on research
  • And most importantly, Ada Indonesia Coy

❤️ Big Thanks To:

  • Matt (Known, one of the developers at molten pixel studio) (Help me to fix dps)
  • Mecha (Our Main Modeler)
  • DaFu (Our uniform maker)
  • Nz (our artist items)
  • Electro (our animator)

List of IndoArsenal Weapons in this addon:

Assault Rifle

IndoArsenal Weapon

Pindad SS2

IndoArsenal Weapon

Pindad SS1

IndoArsenal Weapon

Komodo Armament D5

IndoArsenal Weapon

Kalashnikov AK-101

IndoArsenal Weapon

Steyr AUG

IndoArsenal Weapon

PT Armament IFAR-22

IndoArsenal Weapon

Pindad SPR-2 

IndoArsenal Weapon

FN Minimi

IndoArsenal Weapon

Minecraft Gun Mod

How to get them?

You can already access some of the rifles in survival mode via Crafting, but for some of the weapons that still can’t be made, we will add them in the next update.

IndoArsenal Weapon
IndoArsenal Weapon

Attachment System

You can access attachments through the Blueprint Desk that you can get in survival mode via crafting.

IndoArsenal Weapon

What about the Blueprint itself? Here.

IndoArsenal Weapon

Hold the Blueprint, click the Blueprint Desk and follow these steps, and here we go, you can craft the gun now in your survival world.

IndoArsenal Weapon

ChangeLog 2.1:

  • New Particle effect visuals
  • Added two new rifles! IFAR-22 and G2 Elite
  • Fix Hunger Bug (BugsIDAR-0002)
  • Reanimate D7-CH and AUG
  • Add AUG and D7-CH Sight Column
  • Cleaned up some code


The IndoArsenal Weapon Minecraft Gun mod is a game-changer for players who seek to elevate their Minecraft experience. With a vast selection of firearms, resource management challenges, customization options, and a thriving community, it brings an entirely new dimension to your Minecraft adventures.

Are you ready to step into the world of realistic combat scenarios and fully customizable weapons? Dive into the action today and revolutionize your Minecraft journey with IndoArsenal Weapon Minecraft Gun.

Kamen rider geats addon

IndoArsenal Weapon BPLINK

IndoArsenal Weapon RPLINK

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