Aplok Guns Addon for Minecraft 1.20+

Discover the Aplok Guns Mod, a powerful addition to your Minecraft world. Explore a wide range of firearms, immersive combat scenarios, and extensive customization options. Learn how to install and make the most of this mod in your Minecraft adventures.

Creator: Gabriel Aplok (Youtube, Twitter)

Aplok Guns

Survival-friendly low add-on with lightweight and beautiful models, satisfying sound effects, smooth animations, and much more. It’s focused on adding 3d guns with vanilla aesthetics! Supports realms, worlds multiplayer, and dedicated servers.

Features of Aplok Guns Addon

Survival-friendly guns mod with lightweight and beautiful models, satisfying sound effects, animations, and much more.

This mod adds guns with low-poly models and does not represent any mode of realism in 50 million Cubes 3d models (I hate mods with this), just focus on animations and sounds, the models are something close to something that Mojang would make.

  • Minecraft vanilla stylized
  • Satisfying sound effects
  • Satisfying Smooth animations
  • Lightweight and Beautiful art
  • Innovative technology
  • Survival-friendly
  • Multiplayer-friendly
Aplok Guns

Aplok Guns in Minecraft 1.20+


Aplok Guns
Aplok Guns
Aplok Guns
Aplok Guns
Aplok Guns
Aplok Guns
Aplok Guns

Minecraft Gun Mod


Aplok Guns
Aplok Guns
Aplok Guns


For crafting guns, bullets, mags and parts.

Aplok Guns

Ammunition Box

Drops random ammo from all guns, both bullets and magazines (Can be traded with the Weapon Smith and the Wandering Trader).

Aplok Guns

Remember: TURN ON Experimental Gameplay

  • Holiday Creator Features.
  • Molang Features.
  • Beta APIs.
  • Added: Welcome & Info message in-game on every update.
  • Added: Glock 18 Pistol.
  • Added: Mossberg 500 shotgun.
  • Added: 6B3 body armor.
  • Added: Military Helmet.
  • Added: Juggernaut Armor.
  • Added: New splashes.
  • Added: Bullet tracers.
  • Added: Bullet hole by GabrielMODGuy
  • Added: Smoke VFX for light, medium and heavy gun fire.


Aplok Guns Addon BPLINK

Aplok Guns Addon RPBACKUP

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Minecraft Gun Mod

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