Jimbo’s Modern Weapons Add-on for Minecraft Pe

If you are tired of struggling for survival, Jimbo Modern weapon will help you deal with it. This weapon is upgraded low tech tools to a modern weapon that you can be used for exterminating anything

Cre: Jimbo_Acob, Twitter

Features – Jimbo Modern Weapons Add-on


Fishing Rod has been replaced by Shotgun. It only shoots one enemy at the time and has textures like a shotgun. Attack damage: 50

RPG Launcher

Bow has been replaced by RPG Launcher which is the most powerful weapon since the large explosion. It is used for shooting explosive warheads (arrow) at enemies.

Use zoom function by sneaking while holding the weapon. When the zoom function active, you can not move

Minecraft Gun Mod

Fire Grenade

Snowball has been replaced by Fire Grenade. This is the most suitable weapon against other mobs like Zombies. If zombies chase you, let throw a fire grenade at them, they will be burned.

Grenade – Jimbo Modern Weapons

Egg has been replaced by Grenade. It causes a big explosion! It will hurt both enemies and destroy the terrain


Skeletons have been replaced by Soldiers. You can see they wore a uniform and armed with a shotgun.

They will likely attack you when you across them. If you get a chance, let them work for you by tame soldiers using the Bow.


Creepers have been replaced by Landmine, this is explosive. If players are within a radius of 1.5 blocks of an object, it will explode (only explode when you are in survival mode)

It will explode the following mobs: cows, rabbit, monsters, an player


Iron Golem has been replaced by Turret with 50 health. You can build by using 4 Iron Blocks and a Pumpkin. It works similar Iron Golem, you only need to the fixed turret to 1 position. It will shoot any hostile monster within a 35 block radius


Use Wither Skeletons egg to spawn the Tank. Remember to fill it up with some Coal to drive the tank (it works as fuel). You need to refill it again after 3 minutes. Hold the key while seat on the tank to control the direction

  • Rideable
  • Inventory: 24 slots
  • Health: 175
  • Knockback resistance
  • Solid entity (stackable similar to a minecart)

Mech Mob – Jimbo Modern Weapons

Husk has been replaced by the Mech mob. Fill it with some coal, then Ride button will appear, click on it to the seat. Every 3 minutes, you have to refill coal fuel again

  • Rideable
  • Refill with coal every 3 minutes
  • Inventory: 27 slots
  • Jump like a horse (15 blocks up into the air)
  • Immune to fire
  • Health: 25
  • No fall damage
  • Knockback resistance: 100
  • Stackable
  • Melee attacks (attack damage: +20)
  • Speed: 0.28
  • Spawns in desert biomes


This is a custom item, you can get this by using the command:
/give @p yellow_flower 64 1

This item is used for viewing things at a far distance, it is dropped by Skeletons (drop loot: 0.025)

To active zoom function, you need to hold the Binocular items and sneak (you can not walk or move when the zoom function active)


  • Added Binocular
  • Added zoom function for the missile launcher


Bv9-Jimbo’s Modern Weapons
Tv9Jimbo’s Modern Weapons

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[…] Jimbo’s Modern Weapons […]


[…] Jimbo’s Modern Weapons […]

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