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Ragnarok 1.0

The Basic Survival Guns Addon is an addon with simple guns to spice up your vanilla Minecraft gameplay.

Cre: Chromite MaxCrit

Basic Survival Guns Addon

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It adds 7 guns and 5 ammunition,as well as two melee weapons.

  • Heavy Ammo
  • Light Ammo
  • Shotgun Ammo
  • Sniper Ammo
  • Musketball

Other Addons about Gun you can check in

Note: *All ammo should be in the offhand and you should press the gun in order to reload.

Assault Rifle-Uses Heavy Ammo.

Basic Survival Guns Addon

Submachine Gun-Uses Light Ammo.

Basic Survival Guns Addon

Handgun-Uses Light Ammo.

Basic Survival Guns Addon

Makeshift Pistol-Uses Musketballs.

Basic Survival Guns Addon

Marksman Rifle-Uses Sniper Ammo.

Basic Survival Guns addon
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Sniper Rifle-Uses Sniper Ammo.

All guns have different functions and damage.

  • Baseball Bat-5 DMG.
  • Spiked Bat-6 DMG.

Only open:

  • Vanilla Experiments
  • Molang Features
  • Holiday Creation
  • Custom Biomes.
Basic Survival Guns Addon
Basic Survival Guns Addon


Basic Survival Guns Addon

Basic Survival Guns (Meadiafire)

Basic Survival Guns (Backup Link down)

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