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Have you ever seen and tried the new emotes in the marketplace but also wanted more unique animations? Well, the Animated Crouch texture pack does exactly what you want!

Creator: Minipro27YT

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This resource pack changes the pose and animation of the crouching. You can choose between the four options in the sub pack button (the GEAR button) under the pack.

Animated Crouch features:


This animation lifts the player’s hands up to make the body form a letter, T. In meme culture, this is a stance to assert dominance.


As you know, this is the repetitive shaking of the lower back in a rhythm to perform a twerking sequence. Not so much different from the crouching pose but with animation.

ZeroTwo Dance

This animation is popular in TikTok and throughout the internet. This dance raises both hands and pushes the hips out left and right to match a song’s rhythm.

Drip Pose

The very definition of swag, the intersection of both arms in an ominous stance with the head bowing down slightly to look down on the other players.


The all-time famous pose among the internet with twice the amount. A quick left-right dab animation that loops.


  • Added new crouch posing animation, the “Dab Pose” with minor pack changes.


  • In downloading, press skip ad and block all incoming notification
  • Download file on mediafire
  • Import to Minecraft


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