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Did you ever think that Minecraft Skies are too empty? Well no more! Sky Update addon for MCPE will add more different species of birds into the game.

Creator: Away Gamer

Sky update add-on fills the sky with birds of preys and some other birds. The skies look beautiful and lively with different birds. Now more lively with Natural Sound FX.


Ancient Dragon (BOSS)

  • Ancient Dragon boss is so much power, it can defeat a wither.
  • Health: 400
  • Can be spawned by crafting an Ancient Dragon Fossil and Activating it.
  • Shoot purple fire


  • Spawn: normal biomes, taiga and desert
  • Hunt: chicken, sheep, rabbit and turtle

Snow Eagle

  • Spawn: cold biomes
  • Hunt: chicken, rabbit, turtle


  • Spawn: in flocks in ocean and sea biomes
  • Attack all types of fish


  • Eagle will turn into Phoenix when struck by lightning
  • Phoenix will attack players
  • Can’t spawn naturally
  • Glow in the dark and emit flame particles.


  • Spawn in mesa biomes and sometimes deserts
  • Be attacked by Eagles and Snow Eagles
  • They will also attack players but deal less damage.
  • Vulture being chased by an Eagle


If you want to make your Minecraft world more exciting, download addon and enjoy it:

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