Adventurer Backpack

So, there’s no need to worry any longer because I’ve got Adventurer Backpack here. Are you fed up with your inventory always filling up? Tired of visiting the mines without a crafting table? Tired of the miners’ constant lack of torches?. Adventurer Backpack provides you with a multipurpose backpack that can be used as a mobile crafting table, a storage space for your items, and a source of illumination.

Cre: SrMarticus (Youtube, Twitter)

Adventurer Backpack

Here is an example showing how this addon adds a backpack that does not take up an armor slot:

Adventurer Backpack

Here is a picture of the basic crafting for this one, which is not that difficult:

Adventurer Backpack

his would be the crafting system:

This would be the storage system:

This is the lighting system:

The backpack must be found in the main inventory before it can be visible on your back.

Adventurer Backpack
Adventurer backpack

The fact that the object is in main inventory is more essential than where in particular slot it is located.

Some Minecraft Addons PE are similar to Adventurer Backpack you can check in

How to make each of the backpack systems work?

You can see that in every one of the earlier videos, but I’ll also explain it here:

  • When you have the backpack item equipped in your hand and move about on the ground, the crafting system functions.
  • When an item is in the main inventory, the lighting system activates; if it is in the secondary inventory, it does not.
  • If you are using Android, you will see some blue arrows indicating that you can already put items in the backpack; to take them out, you must do the opposite. If you are using Windows 10, all you need to do is grab the item and drop it by clicking on the backpack item.
  • This object is anti-fire, which means that it cannot be burned by anything, protecting your belongings in the event that it perishes in a fire.
  • There are 15 items that can fit in the backpack.
  • The flashlight in the backpack has a tiny motion that makes it tilt back when you walk, imitating movement.



  • If you want to review this addon, you are free to do so.
  • You must place the direct link to this page you cannot create your own links to try to benefit from my work
  • If you want to modify my code, you are free to do so as long as you ask me for permission.
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  • If you want to support you can put the direct link to my discord, this will help my community grow. link of my discord
Adventurer Backpack

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Download Adventurer Backpack.mcaddon (27.97 KB)

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