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In order to make Minecraft appear more vibrant and appealing, the FCPE shader alters the vanilla texture pack to provide more saturated colors to the textures. Likewise, it includes a new sky and ocean. providing the water a clearer, more appealing appearance. enhancing the beauty of the daytime sky and making the night sky more attractive.

Cre: Animartin

FCPE Shader

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  • New colorful vanilla textures.     
  • New water 
  • New eviroment color (saturated)

Screenshots from Mcpeaddons.com:


FCPE Shader
FCPE Shader


FCPE Shader
FCPE Shader
FCPE Shader
FCPE Shader


FCPE Shader

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Some Minecraft texture pack PE you can check in Mcpeaddons.com:


  • All eviroment it’s changed 😉
  • New Minecraft title logo whit FCPE logo
  • New logo and pack descripción
  • FCPE shader is now a vanilla texture pack that modifies minecraft colors and is no longer a shader as they are not available for render dragon
  • Now in textures pack section 😔
FCPE Shader

FCPE Shader Render dragon.mcpack (3.09 MB) (Mediafire) or Link Backup

Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:
FCPE Shader

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