True Backpack (V1.0) Addon for MCPE

True Backpack is a backpack addon Minecraft that helps you carry the above items useful in the process of mining and digging for items from Minecraft. Addon will show you indicators so you know if you have a backpack or not. 

Cre: Leo2004123 (Youtube, Twitter)

True Backpack (V1.0) feature 

It’s very simple to remove the backpack from my back by doing “remove backpack”.

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In addition, it also attracts players. What other functions does it have?

A backpack can also grab other things in its range, and when the player dies it can save some of their stuff if they have unfilled inventory. 

mcpeaddons download

True backpack BP or here

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True backpack RP or here

Crafting Backpack and Remove Pack


True Backpack

Remove Pack

True Backpack

Except for the True backpack, there are many more cool add-ons on our site – Mcpe Addons that will make your Minecraft crafting fun: 

It is necessary to download the RP and BP in addition to activating THE EXPERIMENTAL MODES

True Backpack

Important: people who review this addon many times do not read the characteristics and terms to make a video of this addon. If you are a content creator please use the link that the creator gives and you are not allowed to leave the direct link or make your own link. If you break I will take measures for this. 

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