Actual Guns Addon for MCPE

Actual Guns Addon will add you 57 items including 24 guns 3 grenades 6 types of ammunition. There will be guns like pistols, shotguns, rifles, smg, dmr,….etc. This addon is used as an adventure map and will not replace anything in your game. 

Cre: AzozGamer936, Youtube, Twitter

Actual Guns Addon


If you want to use a gun you just need to Shift or Sneak on the keyboard, it’s similar to when you use shields. you can use both together to get many benefits!

Some issues may not be fixed due to Minecraft’s error, not the addon’s bug. 

With lower versions there may be some errors as follows:

In version 1.12, the disappearing entity crashes when it disappears in unloaded chunks so you should make sure you set the render distance to about 8 chunks or more

In 1.13, there is a bug where remove tags don’t work with the /function command. You will be stuck if you use a weapon with recoil. 

You can equip the gun in Actual Guns Addon by opening inventory, you will have the weapons are AK47, AUG,  COLT45, DEAGLE, FAMAS, M16A4, AWP, BARRETA, M416, MP5, MP40, P90, RPG, S12K, S686, SCAR, UMP45, USP, UZI, G36C, GALIL, GLOCK18, KAR98K, M3.


In order use gun in Actual Guns Addon, you can use the following formulas: by using /give @p gun:gunname and use granade:grenadename or use all guns with /function getallguns. 

Manually use this :

  • give @p gun:ak47 1
  • give @p gun:awm 1
  • give @p gun:aug 1
  • give @p gun:deagle 1
  • give @p gun:usp 1
  • give @p gun:m3 1
  • give @p gun:mp5 1
  • give @p gun:m416 1
  • give @p gun:m16a4 1
  • give @p gun:scar 1
  • give @p gun:g36c 1
  • give @p gun:barreta 1
  • give @p gun:rpg 1
  • give @p gun:mp40 1
  • give @p gun:p90 1
  • give @p gun:kar98k 1
  • give @p gun:colt45 1
  • give @p gun:glock18 1
  • give @p gun:ump45 1
  • give @p gun:uzi 1
  • give @p gun:famas 1
  • give @p gun:galil 1
  • give @p gun:s12k 1
  • give @p gun:s686 1
  • give @p ammo:pistol 64
  • give @p ammo:shotgun 64
  • give @p ammo:smg 64
  • give @p ammo:rifle 64
  • give @p ammo:sniper 64
  • give @p ammo:rpg 64

Minecraft Gun Mod


Follow so that add more awesome Addons, here are addon about gun you also like in Minecraft: 

Minecraft Gun Mod

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