Umak: Retro Furniture for Minecraft 1.19.0+ Fix (Blocks and Entity)

Umäk is back after more than a year with better textures and models, and better functionality! If you are a fan of furniture in Minecraft, I bet the Retro Furniture addon will make you feel interested to play the game.

Cre: ashminggu, Twitter, Youtube, IG

Retro Furniture

The furniture in this addon is actually obtainable in survival mode. To make it is obtainable in survival, retro furniture is not made possible by typical custom crafting recipes. It’s instead of changing the new way more interesting!

About Project

  • Most of the furniture was originally made as props to make render in the 3D software
  • Trying to learn how to make Blender and add it to this pack
  • About update: it’s up to the creator’s demand, it depends on making project such as car
  • If everyone like this concept of this pack, it will be added more stuff in the future

What does this addon include?

Retro furniture contains a total of 45 pieces, there are 29 pieces of furniture, 15 accessories, and 1 machine

Minecraft Furniture Mod


It includes couches, chairs, shelves, and other stuff involve “furniture”

2 Cabinet – 3 Chair – 3 Coffeetable – 3 Couch – Cubeshelf – 3 Shelf – Standlamp – Table – TV Table Mini – TV Table Beeg – Vinyl Player – Single Wallshelf – Double Wallshelf – Retro Cabinet – Ceiling Lamp – Display Shelf – Officetable – Office chair – Ceiling Fan – Lamp Table

Accessories – Retro furniture

These items can be placed on some furniture pieces like tables and shelves,…

Atari Flashback 8 Console – SEGA Genesis Console – Super NES Console – VHS Player – TV! – Boombox – Globe (Cube?) Model – Trophy – Table Lamp – Telephone – IBM 5150 PC – WoodDuck Plush – Cup – Plate – Smol Plant


You need to craft in order to get all the furniture and accessories if you are in survival

How to place accessories on furniture pieces

  1. Pick furniture piece to put an accessory on. There is only some furniture can hold accessories, you can not put a TV on a coffeetable!
  2. Place the accessory that you picked on the ground, It’s ideally in front of the furniture.
  3. Push the accessory towards the furniture piece and it should go on top of the furniture piece.

These items in the picture below can be done with certain furniture pieces

Colour chairs

There are 2 chairs and 1 couch that can be coloured into all 16 Minecraft colours. It’s basically like dyeing a sheep

How to get them in survival

Creative mode: Get spawn eggs from the Creative Inventory ( spawn/mob eggs)
Survival/creative mode: Apart from the way above, you can get them using a “machine”

This machine is called UmäkMart which help purchasing furniture and accessories


Material: 4 Smooth Stone – 1 Daylight Sensor – 1 Redstone Dust – 1 Glass – 1 Glowstone – 1 Redstone Torch

Right click or hold the keyboard to check out the catalog of furniture and accessories that you can buy.

DuckBuck is the currency that you can get them by converting emeralds, diamonds, gold or iron.

Using any type of Pickaxe to change the direction UmäkMart

How to Install

As of Minecraft update 1.19.0, this addon requires the Holiday Creator Features & Upcoming Creator Features (Experimental Mode) to be turned on in order to work! This requirement however will most likely not be required in upcoming updates by Mojang. Will update this post once the update comes.

Retro Furniture,furniture addon

2) Due to Mojang being Mojang, custom blocks are a bit problematic nowadays. To ensure the pack works right, make sure to also apply the Block Geo Fixer module pack into your world. Make sure it is placed above the main resource pack in the addon order. The “Block Geo Fixer” module pack is already included in the download file .mcaddon. (For the Block version ONLY)

Retro Furniture,furniture addon


Update 2.0
Updated the pack to be 1.19.0+ compatible. The pack is now compatible for all MCPE versions from v1.17.0 – v1.19.22


Umäk : Retro Furniture (Block Version)
Umäk : Retro Furniture (Entity Version)

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Minecraft Furniture Mod

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