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Farm Craft is here to revamp your farms with new creatures, vegetation, trees, and more!!

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Creator Channel, with review: yBrothers

Twitter: @Gbiel_yBrothers

New Year Minecraft Skin



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New Year Minecraft Skin

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Explore, and have fun with this amazing add-on!!

What do we have new?


For you to further enhance the beauty of your farms, yFarm Craft now introduces NEW features!




Latest update trailer! (Farmer Update):

Some Minecraft addons PE you can check in mcpeaddons.com:



These don’t function like regular pigs; they act entirely differently! Some information is provided below the photographs!


There are some intriguing systems in the yFarm Pigs! To begin with, they should always have mud carpets available because they love to roll around in them and because without them, you won’t be able to reproduce them or even use all of their cattle mechanics! They’ll start to feel truly joyful while rolling around in the mud, and when they become hungry, they’ll be able to eat from the food slop trough you’ve provided! After eating, they become fat, and if you kill them at that stage, you can get up to four more drops and bacon! No issue if you don’t want to kill them to benefit from their extra drop; after they digest, they will become thin again and add manure as a “toast”! By providing the pigs with water to drink from a trough, you may also make them digest. You can make them anyway you like, and the cycle will continue for a very long time! Add some mud rugs after that so you can breed them and expand your pig family!

Chickens and others Birds Species!

We have guinea hens, ducks, chickens, and turkeys! as well as its variations for both men and women!




They have a lot of waste around them. You need this item for critical crafts, thus it’s okay. It is possible to milk female goats, and the milk can be used to create cheese. Although male goats cannot be milked, you must have them if you intend to expand your herd. Identifying men and women: The ladies’ horns are little, while the males’ are huge. You must provide them with troughs of wheat to feed them!


Ants are much more useful than you can imagine, check out:


They occasionally come out near anthills; if you don’t want to wait, just use a shovel or a hoe to free them.

Crops are trimmed and combed, bringing them back to their initial growing stage. As they achieve this, they will begin to carry a leaf, which you can take by just interacting with them. This leaf is ESSENTIAL for making fertilizer and fertilizing your plants to speed up their growth!



In caves, at night, during the day, or both, mice spawn because they move quickly and are extremely frail. They are drawn to areas close to cornfields, and you may catch them by setting up cheese traps on the ground; they can detect the cheese from great distances! More so than the actual rabbit, they are a fantastic source of rabbit hair! You can use this to make crucial ancillary products like resource packs!

NPC Farmer!

Farmers lead a routine life; you can find up to 2 of them per hut in their huts all throughout the planet. Both men and women have up to 10 different texture variations! There are numerous different exchanges, and each NPC has their own ones. For instance, some sell only seeds, while others only sell blocks, or some sell meat while others only offer veggies. They occasionally work on composters while sleeping in their mattresses at night.




They serve little purpose as a mob; instead, they are merely pursued by vultures. A worm that you can obtain as a reward for killing them is used to prepare the soil for your crops.


NEW: Growing boxes for the new planting system!


Check out a quick showcase of how plantations work:

We also have some new food blocks, they are very nutritious!

  • Strawberry Cake
  • Strawberry Pie
  • Blueberry Pie
  • Jelly Pot
  • Strawberry Jelly
  • Blueberry Jelly
  • Chili Jelly
  • Ceramic Cup
  • Coffee Cup
  • Seeds Dumped
  • Corn Dumped

Use them to feed chickens and birds!


Chicks of a particular mother species are born in nests throughout time; it may take minutes, hours, or days (In the game). You can engage with them and get the three eggs if you don’t want them to breed.


Fruit trees here come in 5 different varieties. pomegranate, mango, grape, orange, and pear! The leaves might turn flowery and then revert to their original appearance. There is a regulated probability that flowering leaves will produce hanging fruit at any particular time. The dangling fruits must be picked up, or else they might drop to the ground and eventually vanish!


There are many different variations of blocks that refer to fruit trees! Take a look!

You can collect in addition to Saplings to create new trees!

Fruit boxes are a block that can hold eight fruits in one container.

The five fruits listed below can be used to make juices:




You can fill them by interacting with hay block!



Just keep in mind that you need a pickaxe to remove this block. It must contain goat’s milk. He will offer you 6 cheeses and the bucket you used in a short while! Once you notice that the cheese has formed, just start interacting!


Fried eggs:

You can use any egg to make fried egg, it is not very nutritious but it offers a quick recovery of life!



Coffee plantations grow to arbitrary heights, typically between 2 and 20 blocks high, depending on the kind. The coffee fruit can be harvested, made into seeds for new plants, or toasted to produce coffee. At this time, they cannot be fertilized.

Slop Boxes:


Farm Tents!


These tents, which come in three generational variations, may be found all over the world and contain a variety of plants and crops. Along with numerous additional deo blocks!



You can use 12 different kinds of crops!

These include aubergine, tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, broccoli, blueberries, strawberries, lettuce, and peppers.


If a scarecrow is seen within a 32-block radius, it will prevent birds and ants from ruining your crops!


You may fertilize your crops using a box of fertilizer! An area encompassing four crop blocks will be fertilized each time the box is used. Crops fertilized grow 4 times more quickly!

You will get green growt particles when utilizing bonemeal in a typical crop. You will obtain brown growt particles, such as: while utilizing bonemeal in fertilized crops.


When the fertilizer particles are discharged, be aware that the fertilizer box can be removed and used on other crops.

Custom chicks:


Chickens, guinea pigs, turkeys, ducks, and naked neck chicken are all chicks!

Custom Optional Panoram:


How do I get the blocks in the creative?


Note: All blocks can be crafted for use in survival mode!

Have fun creating your custom farm!

Select version for changelog:

– Added crafting for Trough!
– Fruit seedlings in the addon should now grow on trees correctly!
– Fruit tree leaves now bloom and bear fruit faster!
– Updated to 1.19.x!
– Created a solution for players to be able to use crops in Realms and in Multiplayer mode!
– Added support for yBrothers Useful Items Addon!
– Added: NPC Farmer!
– Added: Worms!
– Removed Chicken/Rooster from the Naked Neck along with its resources, temporarily!
– Goats (from the addon) can now breed more than one baby, rarely!
– Pigs (from the addon) can now breed more than one chick, as usual!
– Improved some animations!
– Slightly reduced the amount of animals spawned by the world.
– Fixed collision and scaling box for various animals.
– Lead positioned correctly when using it on an animal.
– New model and textures for pigs!
– Variants of a pig now belong to the same animal, no more separate spawn eggs for each of them!
– Pigs can now breed with all kinds of fruits and vegetables from the addon!
– New requirements for breeding pigs is now at least 9 mud carpets must be present within 12 range for pigs!
– Pigs can now raise up to 8 chicks at a time, but in an unusual way!
– When the pigs are bred, the baby will have the genetics of one of its parents!
– In search of better performance, the animals in the addon can no longer detect their nests, food and others at a distance greater than 6 horizontal and 2 vertical blocks!
– Decreased the time it takes a pig to identify mud and roll in it to 1-3 seconds!
– Decreased the time it takes a pig to shake off mud to 15-30 seconds!
– The pig that doesn’t find food within 3-5 minutes will look for more mud!
– Pigs now display mud particles splashing while rolling in the mud!
– A muddy pig can no longer feed in the food slop trough!
– Pigs now only feed when they are thin!
– Pigs can no longer instantly lose weight when they feed from a food slop trough!
– Pigs now remain fat for 10-20 minutes after feeding!
– The pig can now get thin if he drinks water from a water trough!
– When a pig gets thin, it will drop a dung!
– Pigs now have animation when eating from a slop box.
– Pigs can’t walk now when they’re rolling in mud.
– All pig variants now play sounds correctly.
– Animals now drop meat double if killed by loot enchantment!
– Mouse size now varies according to its color variant!
– Mouse health now varies according to its color variant!
– Mice no longer cause serious performance issues in the game!
– Mice now spawn more often at night!
– Black mouse now attacks the player at any time!
– White mouse now attacks the player if attacked first!
– Mice now drop 1-2 rabbit skins!
– Mice now drop 3-5 rabbit pelts from being killed with loot enchantment!
– Changed mouse walking animation!
– Goats that feed and produced milk will no longer feed repeatedly!
– Male Goats now stop producing milk until they are fed again after being milked!
– When a goat gets hungry again, it will drop 1-3 dung!
– Goats now drop 1-3 dung instantly when feeding from a trough!
– Goats now have a cooldown of 60 to 120 seconds to be able to feed again!
– The player can milk a goat from 1 to 12 times, or a little more, without it getting hungry!
– Roosters now only crow at sunset and sunrise.
– Chickens now scream in fear when they spot a scarecrow.
– To perform well, animals that have not been tamed, interacted with, fed, milked etc… will despawn by distance.
– Animals now cause fewer long-term performance issues!
– Ducks should now float correctly in water!
– Ducks now spawn on riverbanks, and no longer spawn underwater!
– Ravager can break addon blueprints correctly!
– Chickens, ducks and turkeys now attack worms and small mice!
– Chickens now run away from the player and NPC’s if they are not holding seeds!
– Chickens now have animation when running away from players!
– Fixed mob boat textures to match vanilla boats!
– Boat collision box is now bigger!
– Fixed custom boats disappearing!
– Fixed custom boats sinking in water!
– Fixed custom boats kicking out the player mid-voyage!
– Fixed custom boats kicking out the player when leaving land and entering the water!
– Fixed custom boats floating when on land!
– Fixed custom boats not rotating to the position the player is controlling while navigating!
– Fixed animation of custom boats!
– Custom boats are now Leashable!
– Custom boats now destroy lilypads!
– Custom boats can no longer be affected by player effects such as double jump, levitation, etc…
– Custom boats no longer die from fall damage!
– Custom boats no longer render player attack damage, and instantly break!
– Boats now move fast if on ice!
– Custom boats now only carry one entity for now!
– Custom boats position the player correctly!
– Custom boats are now faster on the water!
– Custom boats can no longer leave the water and walk on land without the player manually pulling them out of the water!
– Added: Earth Box!
– Added: Organic Earth Box!
– Added: Earth Box with Worm!
– Added: Dry Growing Box!
– Added: Irrigated Growing Box!
– Added: Growing Box with Worm Humus!
– Added: Planks of all wooden variants!
– Added: Columns of all wooden variants!
– Added: Paper Lantern for all wooden variants of the addon!
– Leaving the world in and out does not cause the crops to detach from the ground!
– Fixed all blocks that were buggy and broken in 1.18 and 1.19!
– Interacting with some blocks now makes a sound correctly!
– Block interaction sounds can now be heard by the actor and nearby players if volume allows!
– Added Water Trough!
– Slop Trough is now called Food Slop Trough!
– Placing blocks from items no longer causes a stone sound!
– Changed the rendering material of some blocks, eg dumped corns, which traversed translucent blocks.
– Crops now drop 1 seed if broken in stage 1 or 2, and drop 2 seeds if broken in stage 3, and drop fruit/result if broken in stage 4!
– Changed the sound of crops being broken!
– Changed crop rendering material!
– Harvesting crops now drops a balanced amount of them.
– Now when filling a cheese maker with milk, the player receives the empty bucket right away!
– Blocks with interaction properties now show an action legend when the player interacts!
– Coffee plant is now a plant with a maximum height of 2 blocks.
– Anthills no longer drop infinite ants when interacted with!
– Harvesting crops now drops a balanced amount of them.
– New textures and models for troughs!
– Changing the way crop data works in the world, avoiding issues like stage regression!
– Textures of fruit wood variants changed to be smoother and prettier, colors updated!
– New textures for fruit tree leaves!
– Leaves from fruit trees now have a lower chance of blooming, and a higher chance of reverting to the initial stage instead of spawning a fruit!
– Piece of Cheese can no longer randomly attract mice.
– Chunk of Cheese now replaces the Cheese Block naming for the small cheese!
– Changed the model of some blocks to match the new game engine limits!
– Anthill cannot release ants without being interacted with!
– Changed/fixed hardness on various blocks!
– Fertilize grow particles are now inserted into a 4×4 area when a compost box fertilizes surrounding plants!
– Cheesemonger now offers 2-6 cheeses when ready to collect!
– The trough is now just one, and can be filled with hay to form wheat troughs, vegetables for scraps trough and water for water trough!
– Breaking a trough of wheat now drops 1 empty trough and the amount of wheat up to 3 they were filling!
– Breaking a food slop trough now drops 1 empty trough!
– Breaking a water trough now drops 1 empty trough!
– Trough can now be filled with a slop bucket too, just in 1 level!
– Eating Strawberry Cake now updates the texture to the correct side!
– Changed fruitwood variant block names in available languages!
– Addon saplings are now more vibrant hue and less occluded!
– When a hanging fruit appears, the leaf above will automatically be converted to a leaf block without flowers!
– The color of eggs in the nest now match the type of egg that was laid.
– Improved the general performance of the addon, removing unnecessary ticks from some blocks.
– Fertilizer boxes can now become empty when fertilizing surrounding plants.
– Removed the Milk Cauldron.
– Added: Ox Ring!
– Added: Milk Bottle!
– Added: Food Slop Bucket!
– Added: Worm!
– Items rearranged in the creative inventory.
– Smoothed the edge of textures for broccoli, lettuce and other foods and items!
– Seeds can now only be planted exclusively in grow boxes.
– Removed some items from trough variants!
– Fixed custom boat icon texture!
– Crafting box now offers 9 boxes instead of just 2.
– Added: Fertilization Area
– Added: Pig Mud Rolling
– Added: Baby Pig Mud Rolling
– Added: Pig Mud Shaking
– Added: Baby Pig Mud Shaking
– Added: Sleep Emitter
– Added: Worms Being Born
– Added: Water Pouring
– Added: Water Splashing a Lot
– All fruit trees got a new random shapes!
– Fruit trees now spawn in different biomes, not all over the world!
– The farm tent structure has been modified and can spawn a Farmer NPC!
– Anthills now spawn more frequently across the world and in groups of 2 or more nearby blocks!
– New tree shape for fruit trees!

Download Yfarmcraft addon (Web Creator)

Download Yfarmcraft addon (RP) – Link Backup

Download Yfarmcraft addon (BP) – Link Backup

New Year Minecraft Skin
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