Parkour Craft

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A Minecraft parkour game with 100 stages of varying complexity, daylike lighting, and lighting for the nighttime. We are the first to create a map using that feature!

Cre: Parkour Craft (Youtube, Twitter)

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Parkour Craft


It has 100 levels and a 10 by 10 space with what looks like daytime lighting but is actually night.

Until you reach level 100, the parkour will get harder every time you advance.

with floating objects and redstone levels.

An original parkour!

Compatible with multiplayer and options to put day or night.

Now compatible with 1.19


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Parkour Craft
Parkour Craft
Parkour Craft
Parkour Craft
Parkour Craft
Parkour Craft
Parkour Craft
Parkour Craft

Some Minecraft Parkour Map are available in

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Level 91 updated
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Level 100 updated 

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Parkour Craft

Download Parkour Craft (Mediafire)

Download Parkour Craft (Link Backup)

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